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Travel & Places
by Jorge
10 years ago
Fullerton, California - A Great Place to Call Home

In 1887 Edward Amerige drove a stake into a mustard field. Today this area is the corner of Harbor Boulevard and Commonwealth Avenue in Fullerton. Amerige may not have been aware at the time that he was laying ground for the beautiful new city, he did realize, however, that he was breaking ground...

Travel & Places
by Jorge
8 years ago
Experiencing the Sand Dunes in Florence Oregon

When most people think of the state of Oregon, images of dense forests, plentiful rainfall, majestic mountains and rugged coastline usually come to mind. An image that is not typically associated with this beautiful state, is one that includes sand dunes and desert landscapes, but if you happen to find yourself travelingalong scenic Highway 101, you may be pleasantly surprised.

by Jorge
11 years ago
Verizon Coupons - Saving Money on Mobile Hand Sets

Verizon is one of the largest telecommunications companies in North America. They have one of the strongest networks and are known for having a great Blackberry selection. Because their business model is constantly evolving there are many different ways you can save money with Verizon.

Every now and then...

Home & Garden
by Jorge
11 years ago
Hardwood Flooring Installation Tips

The beauty and elegance of hardwood floors make them one of the most sought-after flooring solutions both for commercial as well as residential properties. There are a wide variety of hardwood flooring types available including the original red oak, bamboo, white ash, cherry, pecan and many more.

by Jorge
9 years ago
Air Quality - The 10 Most Polluted Cities in the World

As the human race grows we are responsible for more and more waste being put into our environment. Of this waste much of it has a very negative effect on the quality of air in our environment. From the volume of cars cruising the streets to the...

by Jorge
11 years ago
7 Reasons Why Protecting Your Hearing is Crucial

Hearing is one of the five senses that helps us form an accurate picture of our environment. Each of our five senses picks up different types of stimuli which are then pieced together to form an image of the world as we perceive it. Even though the five...

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