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Articles about bee

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by noryanna
8 years ago
Health Benefits Of Bee Propolis

Bee propolis is a resinous substance created by bees. Propolis has numerous health benefits for humans and modern science has now corroborated many of the health benefits of bee propolis.

by noryanna
8 years ago
Build a Top Bar Beehive from Scrap Wood

A top bar bee hive is an economical alternative to commercial beehives. You can easily build your own top bar hive for very little using scrap materials. Top bar hive plans offer several other benefits over the commercial Langstroth hive. If you're interested in getting started in beekeeping, maybe a top bar hive is for you!

Home & Garden
by noryanna
8 years ago
How To Grow Giant Pumpkins

Learn how to grow giant pumpkins and compete for the title of the most largest pumpkin. Truth be told, giant pumpkins don't taste all that good in pumpkin pie, but an enormous pumpkin sure looks good at a competition.

by noryanna
8 years ago
How To Make Your Own Face Cream

If you just need a simple skin cream, knowing how to make your own face cream at home can help you save money. Learn how to make your own DIY face cream with these recipes for a variety of skin creams you can make at home.

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