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by bayoulady
8 years ago
W D 40: Uses ,Myths, and Warnings

W D 40: Uses ,Myths, and WarningsWhen in Doubt, Check It Out! Until my windows were stuck today, I hadn't really thought much about an e-mail that I recieved from a friend a while back. Tugging ,huffing, and puffing to get my windows open on this beautiful day, I recalled that the e-mail claimed that WD 40 was the answer to seemingly everything. I had to laugh at some of them. I saved the e-mail thinking I might check out some of the claims myself. I love the product ,and always have a can under the kitchen sink. In fact,when I was growing up so many years ago ,my dad used WD 40 almost daily for something. Today, had he been still alive ,Daddy would have suggested WD 40 to get my windows unstuck. Just as he believed duct tape would hold it, Daddy always believed that WD 40 would loosen it. All these years later, having a can of WD 40 on hand is still a must in his children's households and shops. After spraying my trusty WD 40 on the metal window frame, the windows went up easily. The windows were up all day, and thanks to WD 40, they lowered and closed smoothly too. [read the rest]

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