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Articles about coffee

What do you want to see?
by Dosetsu
8 years ago
Smokeable Herbs and Their Legal Status: Effects or Image

Today, herbal blends are sold in cigarette form as tobacco alternatives and to help people quit smoking and for those who do not wish to use tobacco. Some might be concerned with the effects of these herbs as they may mimic the effects of Marijuana, which is illegal. Blends that are sold as "pot substitutes" make no claim of any effects of their products; however, with names such as Tokonutâ„¢ and Amsterdam Dreamsâ„¢, one does wonder what the motives of the buyers are. This of course raises moral and health concerns among community members. Are these legal smoking blends the next "pot"?

by Dosetsu
9 years ago
Society and Drug Use: A Sociological Perspective

Drug use in society can be a problem at times. Is the use of a substance truly a problem or are we making it out to be more? All substances have had their struggles becoming legal, even coffee. Why do we seek to control what others do in our society? Is it wrong because we say it is or are we forcing a religious set of rules on all?

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