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Articles about depersonalization

by Rev999
8 years ago
Zimbardo's Prison Experiment

Article describes Zimbardo's Stanford prison experiment and how the guards and prisoners conformed quickly and easily to their designated roles. The outcome and conclusions from the experiment are also explained.

by DebDavies
7 years ago
Strange Psychological Disorders: Rare Mental Health Issues

You may have never heard of some of the rare and strange psychological disorders that exist in our world, but they are certainly real. These rare disorders may not be as common as Clinical Depression, Bipolar Disorder or Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, but they are still debilitating. Some of them...

by T_William_Cook
5 years ago
All in the Mind? Three Controversial Mental Health Conditions

The mind is the most difficult part of the body to heal, and the right approach can take decades of debate to resolve - if they are resolved at all.

by Dr. Jerry Cunningham
7 years ago
Childhood Sexual Abuse

This article discusses Childhood Sexual Abuse,who the victims are, the stages of victimization, and the trauma the child endures throughout their lives after being sexually abused. Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and some treatments for sexual abuse victims are also discussed.

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