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Articles about dialysis

by radhikasree
8 years ago
Herb Boerhavia Diffusa as a Healing Medicine for Kidney Disease

In ancient days, herbs were the only medicines people knew to cure diseases. They used to collect herbs, test their various parts and studied their properties and behaviors. Some herbs were found to be highly powerful; they could even revive the life of almost dead. With the alarming increase in the strength of diseases now-a-days, herbal medicines have gone a long way from villages to towns and cities. The main advantage of taking herbal medicines is that they cure diseases without causing any side-effects. Many people refuse to take them as they are not fast-healing medicines. Some of them require a very long course in order to produce the desired effects.

by MC Riz
6 years ago
Obesity: Disease or Lifestyle?

One medical students thoughts on the recent AMA decision

by mommyhen42
10 years ago

Anatomy is loosely defined as the study of the body and its functions.
The plant, animal or organism being studied is unimportant.
Anatomy is therefore basically the study of all living things including but not limited to; Human, plant, animal, insect, and other types of organisms. This study includes not only how these...

by andrewagreen
8 years ago
Jonah Lomu

It has been revealed that Jonah Lomu; the All Black legend who destroyed England in the 1995 Rugby World Cup with four tries in a famous semi final, needs a second kidney transplant.Fortunately the operation was a success and the legend has been discharged from hospital.

by ologsinquito
6 years ago
The Strange Case of Dr. Ana Maria Gonzalez Angulo

Dr. Ana Maria Gonzalez-Angulo of the prestigious MD Anderson Medical Center was indicated for allegedly attempting to murder a colleague. Here is an update of this bizarre case.

Pets & Animals
by Tony Booth
4 years ago
Tremors and Shaking in Dogs with Kidney Failure

Muscle twitching and tremors or seizures happen for different physiological reasons during the course of canine kidney failure and some owners may understandably confuse them. This article differentiates between each symptom and explains why they occur and how they can be treated.

by LittleTwoTwo
5 years ago
A Microbial Arms Race

Exploring multi drug resistant microbes, a future post-antibiotic era, how we got here and what we can do.

Pets & Animals
by Tony Booth
3 years ago
Phosphate Binders And Canine Kidney Disease

A dog's health and quality of life are severely undermined by the build-up of toxic blood phosphorus during canine kidney disease. Controlling how much phosphorus dogs eat becomes a priority in later stages of the condition and phosphate binders become an increasingly essential component in battling the disease.

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