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Articles about fire

What do you want to see?
by ZiggyD
8 years ago
Top 5 Best Reviewed Kindle Fire Protective Cases and Covers

When buying an expensive piece of technology like the Kindle Fire protective cases or covers are a must-have investment. It can be far more expensive to fix a smashed or badly scratched sreen - in most cases the entire Kindle Fire must be replaced. This Article looks at the top 5 reviewed cases for the Kindle Fire.

by ZiggyD
7 years ago
Path of Exile: Fire Trap Advanced Skill Guide - Perfect for Fire Trap Templars

In this article I am going to be giving you guys an in depth guide to the Fire Trap skill. This includes everything from the basics of how it works to advanced skill, passive and support gem interactions.

by ZiggyD
8 years ago
ZiggyD's January 2012 InfoBarrel Report

This is the first issue of my monthly InfoBarrel reports. Includes: A summary of the month past including revenue and achievements, and, a plan for the upcoming month, that is, what my goals are and how I will work towards them.

Business & Money
by ZiggyD
8 years ago
Five Pain-Free Ways to Save Money At Home

Frugal living is a necessity for many of us and for others it's simply a good idea. Saved money can be used ot pay off debts or buy a little something extra for a loved one or for ourselves. However, many of the frugal ways people try to save money can be a bit messy, uncomfortable or unpleasant. Not everyone wants to handweave their own socks or eat fruit and veg from a local dumpster. Good thing then that with these five tips you can save yourself a bit of money in a pain-free way.

by ZiggyD
8 years ago
How to Sharpen a Ghurka Kukri - Traditional and Modern Kukri Sharpening Methods

Because of the unique shape and design of the Ghurka Kukri it is important to know how to sharpen it correctly. There are both traditional sharpening and modern sharpening methods and tools that you can use to get a fine edge to your blade. Thankfully, the Ghurka Kukri is made of relatively high-carbon content steel which is great for getting and maintaining a sharp edge over and over again without compromising the strength of the blade. Be forewarned - sharpening your Kukri right will take a bit of work but it will be worth it when you have a great tool that can cut easily. In this article we will take a look at some of the traditional and modern sharpening methods for the Ghurka Kukri.

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