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Travel & Places
by Mike Sage
8 years ago
Why My Next Trip to Asia Won't Include Vietnam

After returning from a recent visit to Vietnam, travel writer Mike Sage gives his "Top Ten Reasons" for not considering another trip to the country that gave the war on communism a bad name.

by Mike Sage
8 years ago
How You Can Develop Your Lateral Thinking Skills

Most people don't realize that thinking is a skill, a skill that can be taught and improved with the right techniques. In this article, the author offers 5 techniques for improving one's Lateral Thinking and problem-solving skills.

by Mike Sage
8 years ago
Unbelievable: Nuclear Testing Was Done on Live "Volunteers"

On July 19, 1957 an Air Force F89-J piloted by Captain Eric W. Hutchison, accompanied by his radar operator, Captain Alfred C. Barbee, took off for Yucca Flats, NV with a live MB-1 nuclear-tipped missile aboard. On the ground at Yucca Flats were the five military officers, wearing their light summer uniforms without hats, and a photographer named George Yoshitake to record the moment for posterity...

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