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What do you want to see?
by Ki Ji O
11 years ago
Reiki Principles and How They Relate to a Happier, Balanced Life

Reiki is a holistic art of energy healing that was founded, developed and passed on by Dr Mikao Usui. Reiki is not only a simple interaction between patient and healer, or a skill to be learned and switched on and off depending on whether a session is on the...

by Ki Ji O
10 years ago
Know What You Want When Looking For Love

Unless your staple diet consists of bamboo shoots and you live in a temple made of reeds high up on a sacred mountain, you've probably had those moments were you just wish you could find the perfect person. That special Mr. or Mrs. Right who will help you to feel complete, who...

by Ki Ji O
10 years ago
The 10 Best Harry Potter Spells to Use This Christmas

The 10 best Harry Potter spells to use this Christmas

So the holiday season is upon us and with it comes promises of people being merry, goodwill and warmth bringing joy to...

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