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Articles about genome

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by CatFood
5 years ago
Extended Project Example: Ethics And Science

Already, genetic engineering has sparked much controversy as debates rage on whether it is safe to modify the genetic information of living organisms or whether funding should be put into this research or used for something else. New developments in the genetics field has created even more controversy as to if we should use these new techniques despite the fact it will impact individual lives or even the whole society. On the one hand, procedures such as these can potentially save the lives of individuals born with genetic defects or even prevent babies with such defects from being born. These new developments range from being used for cosmetic reasons to designing the appearance of one's own child to aiding infertile adults who want their own blood-related children. With benefits such as these, however great they may be must always be weighed against the consequences. It must be asked if parents have the right to use technology which gives their child specified characteristics at birth or in the case of "savior siblings" have another baby to provide tissues/cells which can cure an already sick child. In this level 3 Edexcel extended project I looked into the field of genetics, focusing specifically on recent advancements in its technology its implications for the future. The project eventually achieved grade A and was 1 point away from an A*. This article will exclude the abstract and evaluation.

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