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Articles about god

What do you want to see?
by nix
7 years ago
The fall of the Aztec empire

I presume most of us have watched the movie "Apocalypto"; a one of a kind and exceptional movie brought to us by Mel Gibson. Well, this movie focuses on Mayan civilization but nonetheless, is also involved with the Aztec civilization. Both flourished in the Mesoamerican country and share common rights- the human sacrifice. Some would think if this kind of rights are true or just a tell tale story; but, yes, it is all true. The human sacrifices are for their Gods Huitzilopochtli and Tlaloc.

Travel & Places
by nix
7 years ago
The Cordilleran culture

Filipinos hate racial discrimination when they're out and far from their own country; yet they do discriminate people of their own race just because they have different beliefs and bizarre traditions. It's like discriminating something that they haven't seen and heard. In my own opinion, literacy and education is really something that all of us should seize before going out in our own country and then coming back bringing some mores we doesn't even know. Why not before discriminating the minority of the same race, let's cut ourselves and see the same blood color flowing in our veins. That way we will see that beauty and jewels are temporary but culture and tradition is mortality.

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