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Articles about harmony

by Darren Whittenham-Gray
8 years ago
Review: The Bright Starts Comfort & Harmony Bouncer

If you are on the lookout for a baby bouncer then you can not get better than the Bright Starts Comfort & Harmony Bouncer by Biscotti. It is suitable from birth and helps your baby relax and even sleep!

by JCriz
10 years ago
Jazz Music

Jazz (also known as "jass" in it's earlier years) is a genre of music that originated in the United States in the early 20th century from European music and the African musical traditions of American slaves. Among the hallmarks of jazz are the use of uneven, or "swung," eighth...

by classicalgeek
9 years ago
Listen to Classical Music like an Expert

Many people are intimidated by classical music because they simply do not know anything about classical music. However, listening to classical music can be enjoyable and have many health benefits, so if you have wondered what you are supposed to be hearing, and why classical music has endured through...

by RachelB
11 years ago
How To Find Balance and Harmony

An article describing how to find peace and harmony in your life.

by Greg Miller
7 years ago
Central Florida Light Pollution and the Town of Harmony

Though light pollution in Florida is blocking out views of the stars at night, parts are still dark. Harmony is one community trying to fight light pollution.

by JaneAlling
10 years ago
Reiki Symbols and How they are Used

I first encountered Reiki during a stay in Korea many years ago. A Japanese master was teaching young practitioners in Seoul and I was able to benefit as a practice case for a student called Ha-Neul (Sky). It was a powerful experience and since then I have always enquired...

by mommyhen42
10 years ago

The word Biology literally breaks down to mean the study of life. But it's further meaning includes the function and structure of life, not only to mean simply human biology, but instead something quite diverse. Biology is also the study of the life function of animals, plants, bacteria, viruses, invertebrates,...

by Travis_Aitch
7 years ago
The Reality of Adam & Eve 5/5 - "Man's" "Exile" From the "Garden"

Here I wrap up this beautiful allegorical story of Adam and Eve by explaining the wrath of God and exile from the Garden. I conclude by explaining how the Bible continues with its allegories to show us how we can return to the Garden through Christ.

by FreedomB
6 years ago
Top 8 Must Hear Virtuosic Violin Works

The 8 classical violin virtuosic works that everyone must hear.

by AJWalton
9 years ago
Buddha Garden Statues - Home and Lawn Decoration

Bringing Harmony To Your Garden

Buddha statues have always been thought of as bringing good luck, harmony and tranquility. In fact the concept has been marketed so well that it is a flourishing industry in its own right. The laughing Buddha statue, arguably the most popular one, is actually fashioned...

by wordspeller
7 years ago
The Philosophy Of Dr Edward Bach

Born in England in 1886, Dr Bach had a genuine desire to serve others, and believed that Nature held the key to a simple and natural method of healing that could be used by the general public to heal themselves. During the 1930s, he developed a simple mode of healing consisting of 38 flower essences, that not only afforded knowledge and awareness of empowered healing with little financial cost, but was safe and gentle in its effects.

Home & Garden
by expertnotion
8 years ago
The Top 5 Outrageous Saws

This article describes the most outrageous types of saws and what they are used for. Some of the saws including: the skull saw, sternal saw, musical saw, diamond wire saw and the chain saw.

by FourWalls
4 years ago
All-Time Favorite Albums: Tragic Songs of Life

This is one in a series of articles about my all-time favorite albums.

by ObservingVessel
8 years ago
Purpose and meaning in music

An article exploring what purpose and meaning in music holds for the individual.

by amethyst
10 years ago
February birth stone: amethyst

To answer this question right away, the birthstone for February, along with onyx is amethyst. Amethyst is a form of quartz crystal. Quartz, on the other hand, is one of the most abundant minerals on our planet's crust. The physicists have generally accepted it that amethyst has gotten his phenomenal color from...

by Derby
8 years ago
Computer Bags that are Functional and Fashionable

A good selection of computer bags and totes that look great and carry your laptop in style.

by Athena
9 years ago
The True Fundamentals of Aikido

Aikido is one of the oldest types of martial arts. Established by Morihei Ueshiba, aikido was derived through the studies of a lot of different kinds of traditional martial arts. As a matter of fact, it is often perceived as a kind of exercise or a dance...

Home & Garden
by Kevin
9 years ago
Duration Home Interior: An Excellent Low VOC Paint

One product on the paint market that has met or exceeded green standards is Duration Home Interior Latex. Duration Home is a low VOC paint, with VOC content of lower than 50 grams per liter, much lower than required standards.

by ChicaMarie5
9 years ago
Buddhism and Confucianism: A Comparative Struggle

The concept of organized religion began over three thousand years ago. Large religious groups broke down into many smaller sects, and then even smaller sects were established from those. Thus being the reason that we have thousands of religions throughout the world today. Some religions are closely related and...

Pets & Animals
by Sookie
3 years ago
Where to Keep a Litter Box in a Small Apartment - Live with Your Cat in Harmony

If you love cats but have a small space, there are ways to live with your furry pet in harmony without the mess or the smell that comes along with the litter box, especially in a small apartment. No this doesn't mean follow them around the house and...

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