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Articles about human

by dwest61506
4 years ago
Sir Isaac Newton - Scientist, Theologian, Mint Master, Alchemist, and More

Sir Isaac Newton was one of the greatest minds the world has ever seen. He revolutionized the sciences of physics and mathematics. He also was an alchemist and became the Master of the Royal Mint. He wrote extensively on many topics in history and religion.

by ZiggyD
7 years ago
Can Artificial Intelligence Take the Place of Humans?

Movies such as War Games and Terminator have been provoked the question, can machines take the place of humans? In the past works of science fiction have proven to be predictors for future developments such as Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World (1931) in which things like the helicopter were described many years before their actual development. Of course the same works of fiction often get a lot wrong, they are fiction after all.

by Genebob
6 years ago
A Look Into The Uncanny Valley

The Uncanny Valley is the theory as a robot looks more and more human like, it becomes more endearing to us until it reach a certain threshold. Once it reaches this threshold it quickly begins to repulse us.

by alexiafeatherchild
7 years ago
Top 5 Man-eating Animals

Some environments are plagued by man-eaters, animals which have a thirst for the taste of human flesh.

by Dude88
8 years ago
The Basics of Learning about Human Anatomy

One of the common points of interest is about the human body and how it works. A human body serves as an instrument for individuals to move, feel, touch, work and act. No person can do such thing without a physical entity. You see a human body...

by footloose
9 years ago
Some Human Cloning Ethics Explored

There are a few historic notes to remind you of the lead up to the human cloning debate and the ethics questioned: 1978 - The year of the first test tube baby born, Louise Brown. In vitro fertilization (IVF) ushered in...

by vicogon40
8 years ago
Effects of River Sediment Pollution

A polluted river affects the health of the waterway, the health of the organisms living in and around the waterway and eventually the healthy of humans. The effects of water pollution can range from human disease to economic loss.

by ChicaMarie5
9 years ago
Human Speech and Chimp Speak: A Review of Nishimura's Evolutionary Study

A Review of:
Nishimura, Takeshi; Mikami, Akichika; et al. 2006. Descent of the Hyoid in Chimpanzees: Evolution of Face Flattening and Speech. Journal of Human Evolution 51 (2006) 244-254. The human's ability of speech is an extraordinary adaptation in the evolutionary spectrum. But why do we have...

by DesperateJournalism
9 years ago
Human Behavior

As humans we share a lot of things with animals. We eat, they eat, we procreate and they also procreate. There are other things that are just unique to humans that animals don't do. Humans are considered higher animals. As such, we have developed complex...

by Toebunkers
7 years ago
Little Alchemy Game on Google Chrome: Hints, Cheats, and All Possible Combinations

A List of all possible elements available for the Google Chrome game Little Alchemy. Also included in the bonus candy pack elements found on the desktop addition of the game.

by Dr_E
9 years ago
Humanoid Robots and Robotics

Humanoid robots are made in structure to physically act like that of a human being. They are created with arms and leg movements to mimic those of a human. Some forms of humanoid robots may resemble the...

by Wiesarc
9 years ago
Ethics of Gene Therapy

Ethics of Gene Therapy. Gene therapy is a powerful science that allows humans to change the fundamental building blocks of their bodies and minds. Consequently there are many moral and ethical considerations to be taken into account, as well as laws and boundaries set for this...

by Kikos
8 years ago
Human race is evolving into two races

Human race is evolving into two different races however this time nature is not controlling the process. The evidence is all around but most people are too busy to see it happening.

by Deborah-Diane
9 years ago
Best Natural Hair Wigs

Natural hair wigs have traditionally been made from animal hair as well as human hair. However, natural hair wigs usually means human hair wigs, today. Find out more about them, including where to buy these luxurious wigs at the most affordable prices.

by dwlsn233
5 years ago
Understanding Cognitive Language Processing

Modern cognitive psychology found its beginnings in the study of cognitive language processing, such as language acquisition, formation and use. We now understand many essential components of language processing, however cognitive psychologists still have much to learn about this fascinating and complex subject.

Pets & Animals
by Ddraig
7 years ago
Blame the deed, not the Breed is a message not getting through!

Blame the deed and not the breed is a message that people need to open their ears to. How can we kill dogs based on their breed and then preach animal protection or go off to save even more dangerous animals such as the Tiger? Something really needs to be done to protect breeds such as the Pitt Bull.

by StreamlineInfo
8 years ago
Human Nature Does Not Exist

Most people do not understand the difference between human nature and human behavior. They believe people are born with racism, hatred, bigotry, belligerent attitude, or competition. What you must understand is these are not natural human attributes. It is human behavior which is perpetuated through the monetary system and tactical, as well as natural, environment of scarcity. It is the conditioning of humans through the monetary system that creates the majority of social aberrant behavior. When someone breaks the law we send them to jail. Sending them to jail doesn't fix anything. Studying why people behave in this sort of manner in the first place should be the real motivative aspect of this issue if we are to ever create a solution.

by Bohica
7 years ago
Man vs. Machine - A Computer Wins Jeopardy

In February, 2011, three exceptionally talented competitors vied for the  title of the Ultimate Jeopardy Champion. Two of the contestants, Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter, were already Grand Champions of the game having won numerous competitions in the regular game and in the yearly Tournament of Champions. The final competitor was the supercomputer, Watson, developed by IBM with the aim of answering questions posed in a natural way. The contest on jeopardy was seen as an excellent way to test its abilities.

by scribe3
9 years ago
Remedies for Removing Cat Urine Odors

Remedies for Removing Cat Urine Odor Raven was feeling stinky. More accurately, she thought she smelled stinky. And for good reason. Her human had not changed her litter for several days now. If you looked into the cat litter...

Business & Money
by Leo Phukidides
7 years ago
Motivational Theories and Their Applications in Internet Retailer Company

Motivational theories deal with the reasons behind the individuals' action in the course of their working activity, as well as with the tools that may be used by management while dealing with workforce. In this article, 2 motivational theories will be discussed: that by A. Maslow (the human needs hierarchy theory) and the one by C. P. Alderfer (an ERG theory)...

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