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by dhruv666
6 years ago
3 Quick Tips for the Tourist Visiting India

India is a rich country but because of the vast cultural diversity, it could pose some serious challenges to the Westerner. Firstly, PDA is a very common act in the Western countries whereas it's practice in India is a punishable offence. Then, dressing is another important point to be kept in mind which got to be proper, especially if you are a female. Also, the crooks could dupe you and hence, proper planning needs to be undertaken. I wish a fulfilling experience to every tourist.

by dhruv666
5 years ago
5 Myths in the West About Indian Cinema

There are a lot of misconceptions about the general non-Indian public when they hear about Indian cinema. There are myths that range from Bollywood being the only film-producing industry in the country to the lack of bold scenes in the movies or lack of courageous cinema being produced. Indian cinema is surely progressing fast & here's a look at the myths in detail & how true these perceptions are, in general.

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