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Articles about missouri

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Travel & Places
by CWilliams
10 years ago
Buying Land on the River in Missouri

You may not be able to find landfor sale in Missouri with an ocean view, but, you can buy land on the river. Missouri is home to an abundance of clean rivers and waterways. Those who buy land on the river can enjoy the beauty of their...

Home & Garden
by CWilliams
10 years ago
5 Ways I Got My Kids To Go Green

5 Ways I Got My Kids To Go GreenMy children are not so different from any other across the country. They like out door sports, they like shows on television, they have a Wii. Just like adults they like to see some tangible reward for their efforts. When we began to go green as a family it was hard to convince the kids that it was worth it. While they don't understand any impact our lifestyle has to a global community, they do understand the concept of money. We knew as parents that if we wanted to make big changes there must be some goal to work towards, and a prize for reaching that goal. We are good stewards of the land. Our family enjoys several camping, rafting and hiking trips a year. The children know that trash doesn't belong in animal habitats and when they see it they pick it up. The same goes for our community. When we are out on evening walks we make sure to pick up after ourselves and others. Through this experiment we were able to teach the children the importance of recycling. In their own way they know that, if everyone recycles, there will be more coloring pages to color. They also know that if you collect enough aluminum cans, you can take a family of 8 to Six Flags for the weekend. [read the rest]

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