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Articles about moose

What do you want to see?
by J. Larson
5 years ago
Newflesh Trilogy by Mira Grant A Review

Welcome to the world 26 years past when it should have ended. Mira Grant pulls you right down into the blood, guts and witty remarks that ensue in world after the dead come back to life and decide you look like lunch. This world is created by a Kellis-Amberlee virus a accidental combination of two different strains. One was designed to cure cancer the other to do away with the common cold. The good news is that the viruses do exactly what they are designed to do no one suffers from cancer and goodbye tissue paper because you will have the sniffles no more. But when you die or are exposed to the virus in its active state crash bang boom your a zombie and now someone is going to have to shoot you. Not only does the virus affect humans but all other forms of mammal as well. So not only do you have human zombies but also lions, tigers and bears (oh my) but lets not forget the moose, deer, big dogs, farm animals, you are starting to get the idea right. Welcome to a brave new scary as hell world where everything is trying to kill you.

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