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Articles about ocean

What do you want to see?
by BardofEly
6 years ago
David de Rothschild's book Plastiki: Across The Pacific On Plastic

Adventurer, author and environmentalist David de Rothschild made an epic voyage in 2009 on a catamaran made from recycled plastic bottles and called the Plastiki. He sailed from San Francisco to Sydney to raise awareness of plastic pollution in the oceans and the need for recycling. He wrote a book about his voyage entitled Plastiki: Across The Pacific On Plastic.

by BardofEly
7 years ago
Plastic is a serious threat to whales that swallow it

Plastic is a serious danger to many marine animals and seabirds because they swallow it after mistaking it for food. Plastic is increasingly polluting the oceans where it doesn't biodegrade but breaks into smaller and smaller floating pieces. It is killing whales, turtles and birds such as albatrosses, as well as entering the food chain all the way up to us.

Home & Garden
by BardofEly
6 years ago
The beautiful and perfumed Frangipani tree

The Frangipani is a tree that has strongly-scented flowers that are used in the perfume industry and as a scent for incense sticks. This tree needs a high temperature and so is grown for its ornamental value in tropical and sub-tropical parks and gardens.

Travel & Places
by BardofEly
6 years ago
Tenerife pyramids pose a mystery that's still unresolved

Tenerife in the Canary Islands has a number of mysterious pyramids that some say were built by the Guanches who inhabited the island before the Spanish Conquest but academics do not accept this and say the constructions were made by farmers clearing their land of rocks. Most of the pyramids are in the town of Güímar and were thought to be authentic by the late Thor Heyerdahl.

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