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Home & Garden
by Nick
7 years ago
Travelling, and need a Portable Washer?

We all ned to keep our clothes, bedding and other materials clean, and that's all fine and dandy if you live in a house or apartment. Any number of washing machines can be had to suit your needs. But what if you are say travelling and don't have access to a clean reliable public washing facility, such as a Laundromat? I believe I may have the solution for you! Let's look at two top selling protable washers, a portable washing machine review if you like.

by Nick
7 years ago
Let's Look at a Top Selling Survival Kit, and First Aid Kit.

I thought that today I would have a look at the range of Survival Kits and First Aid Kits available on the market and give you suggestions as to what might be the best choices. For your home, your office or your car, a sensibly stocked and readily available first aid kit is a sensible must. You just never know when junior will cut their finger, one of you takes a fall or gets a nasty splinter.

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