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Articles about rail

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by classicalgeek
9 years ago
Rail Travel - A Green Alternative

Rail Travel - A Green AlternativeRail travel is fast, efficient, easy, and environmentally friendly. As a viable alternative to automobile and air travel, it is capable of moving more passengers, with less land use, and less pollution, in numerous cases, as has been proven for decades in Europe and Asia. With so much evidence at hand, it's time to consider rail travel as a preferred alternative, and a means of saving the environment from toxins, reducing carbon emissions, and restoring land to a healthy state.Ideally, rail travel can be thought of as two complementary interlocking systems: one for moving passengers and freight within cities, and one for moving them between cities. These are called intracity rail, or light rail, and intercity rail, or high-speed rail. Light rail is usually an adjunct to a mass transportation system, involved trams, light rail, and busses. High-speed rail connects major cities, with stops in between for smaller cities. High-speed trains have been running for more than eighty years, and originally had average speeds up 80 miles per hour, and top speeds of 100 miles per hours. The first commercial modern high-speed rail line was Japan's Tōkaidō Shinkansen, which opened in October 1964. The first French TGV line was opened in 1981, and similar lines followed throughout Europe and Asia. The United States currently has only one high-speed network, which does not run at true high speed rail speeds.[read the rest]

Home & Garden
by classicalgeek
9 years ago
Fair Park, Home of the Texas State Fair and a Major Tourist Attraction

Fair Park is one of Dallas' major tourist attractions. As well as being home to the State Fair of Texas, Fair Park has a number of museums and activities that are fun for the whole family all year round. Learn what's available at Fair Park for your next Dallas visit!

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