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Articles about rhino

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by Yindee
3 years ago
Rhino Horn is Useless as a Medicine so Why Kill Them?

Imagine paying a small fortune for an illegal dose of rhino horn only to find out it is medically inert? Tests show that rhino horn was useless as a medicine for treating fever, inflammation, cramps or water retention for instance. Do we need to kill rhinos if chewing your own fingernails is as ineffective as rhino horn?

Travel & Places
by Yindee
4 years ago
Oman - Our Mistakes in the Land of Sinbad the Sailor

Although technologically very advanced, the atmosphere of Oman is still steeped in the mystique of the Arabian Nights. As a budget traveller you are not warned about the pitfalls of places that sound like paradise, yet leave you high and dry, hungry, thirsty and filthy. //

Travel & Places
by Yindee
5 years ago
Meet the Stars and Animals on a Farm in Sutherland

A week end on a sheep farm with loads of tame animals on a stargazing trip to Sutherland is an unusual South African tourist experience. Yet it highlights the people, the terrain and hospitality of this country. On a guest farm called Blesfontein there is a private observatory. There are also tours around the local area and to the main observatory to see South Africa's Largest Telescope. (SALT) We loved all the tame animals on this unique farm. Hug the alpacas, sheep, Meer cats, horses and zebras. Enjoy ostriches, antelope, pigs and chickens. What a place!

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