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Articles about roman

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by Caledor
5 years ago
4 Reasons Why The Roman Empire Fell

The Roman Empire at its greatest extent, engulfed the entire Midterrian Sea. It was one of the most powerful economic, cultural, military forces in the world. At its height it covered over five million square feet in kilometers and over a population of about 70 million. They were the founders of many modern cities and built long roads to connect them across the empire. But every empire that has its time in the sun also has to see the sun set. Some argue the Roman Empire fell in 476 AD when the last emperor was removed from power, but almost everyone agrees the final decline happened around the late 5th century. The gradual decline began over a course of a few centuries. Here are 4 main reasons why the Empire faded into the history books

by Caledor
3 years ago
3 Reasons Why the Byzantine Empire Fell

The Byzantine Empire essentially was a continuation of the eastern portion of the Roman Empire. Its capital Constantiple was founded by the Roman emperor Constantine the Great in 324 AD. Throughout its existence after the Western Roman Empire fell, the borders of Byzantine grew and shrunk until 1453 when the Ottoman Turks struck its final blow by defeating the Byzantine forces and conquering its city. To more than millennia is no small feat for any empire in history. In its history, it had to face off against the Goths, Persians, Arabs, Turks, Slaves, Bulgars, Vikings, and at one point from the Crusaders. But the Byzantine Empire did eventually fall.

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