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Articles about running

What do you want to see?
by Caledor
5 years ago
3 Reasons To Start Running Now

Running is probably one of the oldest type of exercises of all. During the caveman period, people ran to hunt and to survive. Ancient Greece and its Battle of Marathon had a soldier by the name of Pheidippides, he was instructed to run to Sparta to inform the Greeks of the Persians. This fabled story of a runner gave rise to the modern Olympics. In modern times, we often rely on running more for exercising and keeping fit than for escaping danger. Running has also been used as a fundraising tool for diseases or other health problems. In most cases this makes sense. Individuals can run and stay healthy, while also running for a good cause. With the obvious health benefits for running, I think there are more reasons why people should run. Below are three reasons:

Home & Garden
by Caledor
5 years ago
The Pros and Cons of The Micro Condo Lifestyle

My relative lives in a 1500 square feet condo.  Nowadays, people do not build condos this big anymore.  Her condo was built more than thirty years ago and that was a time when land was still relatively cheap.  Her condo is a two bedroom corner unit overlooking a nice...

Business & Money
by Caledor
5 years ago
Book Review: Moneysense Guide to the Perfect Portfolio

A lot of people looking to invest on their own are often scared off by all the financial jargons and the wild market swings. They believe that they are not cut out to invest on their own or investing is so complicated that it is better off left for the experts. Well, Investing is actually not rocket science and this book shows you how to do it painlessly. I, myself, have read the book and applied it for my own investments, and so far, I have been making a decent returns (been using it for three years now). This article is my review of the Moneysense: Guide to The Perfect Portfolio

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