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by Flynn-the-Cat
9 years ago
A Squidooer's First Impression of Info Barrel

Articles can be short or long, and still look complete
A range of choices for earnings (Ad Sense, Chitika, Amazon) which pay out directly to you.
Pre-approval process and quality limits raises the overall site quality, and assures your article is probably worth reading. It's also very open and easy to adjust...

by Flynn-the-Cat
9 years ago

DeviantART is the largest art gallery site online at the moment. I've had an account there for almost exactly three years. While I have tried other sites (e.g. Elfwood, RedBubble, Artician) and have continued to return to DeviantART as my 'main' gallery. It is where I upload my scraps, my...

by Flynn-the-Cat
9 years ago
Scroogle - How To Check Where You Rank in Google

Time after time, I've seen happy excited posts in forums from people anouncing that they are on the first page of Google for something. And of course, they aren't.

Google customises its search results to try and find the 'best' results for you. It looks at search history (cookies, your gmail...

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