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Articles about snake

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by mommyhen42
10 years ago
Boa Basics: Columbian Red Tail Boa

Columbian Red Tail Boas

This fact sheet is for information purposes about the "Columbian Red Tail Boa" or Boa Constrictor as it is commonly known.
There are several types and sub types of Red Tail Boa including CCB or BCC or Boa Constrictor Constrictor, BCI or Boa Constrictor Imperator, BCA Boa Constrictor Amaralis or Bolivian...

by mommyhen42
10 years ago
Work to Stop Extinction

Since recorded history man has had an insatiable desire to learn about the world around us.

The Bible has numerous references to gods creation and the formation of the animals in Eden, then it tells us of a great flood that covered the earth. But before everything could be destroyed...

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