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Articles about spider

What do you want to see?
by footloose
9 years ago
Spiders: Eency Weency Predators

The eency weency predator is in a group of animals called arthropods. That means they have natural joints in their spider legs and a hard outer skeleton (called an exoskeleton). The arthopods are then classified in a group of animals who are missing a backbone, invertebrates. So,...

by footloose
9 years ago
Mary Kingsley: Among Women Who Changed the World

Any person changing the world may not be aware of it while doing it. Mary Kingsley was a woman of great intelligence and no formal schooling who managed to become an authority on West Africa.

by footloose
9 years ago
Athena the Greek Goddess and Weaver of Feminine Excellence

The character, appearance, and mythology of Athena the Greek goddess ever reminds us of womens' history. She has become a metaphor for feminine warriors and weavers.

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