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What do you want to see?
by Nikolaos Skordilis
4 years ago
Working with Samsung Chromebook 3 for three weeks | Review

If you are tired of noisy fans and hard drives, viruses and trojans, BSODs, insanely expensive shiny toys with glossy screens you can barely view nothing outside and would rather want a design and engineering marvel that is no certainly not a toy but a tool, then read on. The rest of you also read on, but beware : you will likely be enraged. With yourselves.

by Nikolaos Skordilis
5 years ago
Controlling Devices with Thought : From Science Fiction to the First Commercial Units

  Occassionaly reality can be much stranger than fiction. Science fiction in particular is often the herald of real scientific and technogical breakthroughs. Whether that is a result of a prediction or whether science fiction essentially inspires scientists to fulfil what the writers have imagined remains an open question. I incline towards the latter for I do not believe in predictions. They are just cloaked prophecies. And prophecies invariably spawn, create rather than predict, future events.  

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