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Business & Money
by goatfury
5 years ago
How I Tripled My Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gym in One Year with Facebook Marketing

My Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gym was stagnant at around 35 students for about five years running, when I decided that it was worth the energy to invest time in marketing online. Here's my story about why I figured that out, what I did to get started, and what the end result was.

by goatfury
5 years ago
I Need to Get Into Shape So I Can Start Training BJJ

It is necessary to take some time to clear up this unbelievably pervasive misconception, that you have to "get into shape" before training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ). Here are three reasons why that's just not true.

by goatfury
5 years ago
The Ideal Productive Work Day for Business Owners (By Example)

If you run a small business, you've probably wanted to become more productive. Here are some very simple tips I've figured out through vigorous research and lots of trial and error that you can start using right away to get more done in a single day!

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