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Business & Money
by selfhelpbarrel
8 years ago
Time Management Systems

With the world becoming more complex and technology linking us together people will expect that the work load at the office and at home will reduce, unfortunately that's far from the truth. What we have to do daily has increase and so also is the skill required to do it. A time management system helps you schedule what you are to in the order of priority.

by selfhelpbarrel
8 years ago
How to Fight the Depression

Depression is more commonly know about and understood in today's medical world. This means that there are more tablets on the market that can be prescribed by your doctor to help combat it. For many they walk around for years knowing that they feel weighed down by the world, have complex emotions, are constantly stressed and are always plagued with exhaustion but refused to admit they are depressed. Learning to fight depression is easier once you have taken the first and hardest step, admitting you have it; then the rest will fall into place.

by selfhelpbarrel
8 years ago
Inspirational Quotes

I have always been intrigue by the effects of words in our life. Words make up our daily life and the right words has the power not only to motivate and inspire us but to educate and transform us. However the wrong word can hurt and discourage us. I have been collecting positive quotes for over four years now which I have been sharing with my friends and online audience.

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