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Articles about tree

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by Sofiyah Sa'ad
6 years ago
Meditation's Most Significant Component, Part 1

What's the proper frame of mind in order for a person to engage in meditation and the highest of all meditations, Hari-nama which means meditations upon the name of God? "One must recite the name of God in a humble state of mind, thinking oneself lower than a straw in the street, more tolerant than a tree, offering all respects to others, and devoid of all sense of self-prestige. In such a state of mind, one can recite the name of the Lord constantly."

by Sofiyah Sa'ad
6 years ago
Hatshepsut: King of Pharaohs, Part 5

One curious thing about Hatshepsut's reign, is how she presented herself to the public in statues. Only the smallest fraction of the Egyptian citizenry would ever had seen Hatshepsut in person. For most of them, the only real glimpse of what she looked like would come from statues of her. Curiously, she often chose to present herself in a masculine way.

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