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by Jorge
12 years ago
How to Stream Media to Xbox 360 From Windows XP

If you have a PC running Windows XP, you can stream video, music and pictures to your Xbox 360 without having' Windows XP Media Center edition.

This has been possible without any third party software since Microsoft released Windows Media Player 11.

Surprisingly enough it is actually extremely easy if you have...

by Jorge
11 years ago
How to Steal Your Neighbors Wireless Internet Connection

When you move into a new place, often times an Internet connection has yet to be installed in your new residence. If you just moved into an apartment, chances are many people in your building have wireless setup already that you can steal... I mean borrow!You are going to...

by Jorge
12 years ago
How to Detect and Remove a Computer Virus

While computer virus' have existed for decades, the advent of the Internet has really allowed virus' to flourish. These days, getting a virus on your pc is as simple as opening a bad email or visiting a non secure website. Virus' can do anything from erase your computer's...

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