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Articles about work

by dwest61506
4 years ago
Sir Isaac Newton - Scientist, Theologian, Mint Master, Alchemist, and More

Sir Isaac Newton was one of the greatest minds the world has ever seen. He revolutionized the sciences of physics and mathematics. He also was an alchemist and became the Master of the Royal Mint. He wrote extensively on many topics in history and religion.

by acoffland
7 years ago
A Quick Fix For Inspiring Children To Read!!

Parents, Caregivers, and even babysitters can take part in helping a child discover the magic in reading a book by following these easy steps.

by intellifax175
8 years ago
by Runmamma24
7 years ago
How to Shoot a Basketball

Perfect basketball shooting form is as simple as BEEF. This acronym can help you get the ball in the hoop more often by helping you develop great form.

by Scroobal
7 years ago

Workaholism is a psychological condition manifested in the individual's compulsive obsession to work.

Business & Money
by smcopywrite
7 years ago
Facts about 14 Year Olds Working

Teens would like to work as much as adults. There are a number of 14 year olds that are looking for employment that need to know some facts around working at 14.

Business & Money
by believeinfamily
9 years ago
How to Handle Stress at Work

Our jobs have a significant impact on our lives and who we are as a person. We spend the greatest amount of our waking hours at work. In a 40 hour week week we spend 2,080 hours a year at work. We spend more waking hours with our employer...

by Serenity2010
7 years ago
Can I Still Work If I Am On Welfare or SSI Receiving Cash Benefits?

In some cases, you can still get government benefits while you work.

by RachelB
10 years ago
How To Learn About Real Work from Home Jobs

An article about researching actual careers you can do as a telecommuter.

Business & Money
by Leigh Goessl
3 years ago
6 Signs You Might be Addicted to Your Job

As people addicted to their jobs develop their daily schedules, their focus tends to totally be geared towards work issues. The workaholic tends to neglect other aspects of his or her life in favor of work as a result of this compulsory behavior. 

Business & Money
by Eileen Kersey
9 years ago
Advantages and Disadvantages of Going Freelance

Going Freelance, whether as a writer, photographer, publicist, promoter, and more, sounds like a really good idea. It is so easy to let your imagination run riot and visualise freelance work as nothing but good. You may think that it will be lucrative, easy to obtain and stress free...

Business & Money
by sofs
8 years ago
Work Life Balance - Self Help

Work life balance is the ability of an individual to manage commitment to his/ her family, career, health, society and other interests. Achieving Work life balance is all about setting your priorities and getting the required results in a smooth manner without conflict of interests. Managing work life balance helps to increase efficiency, productivity and focus on the job at hand. Here are a few pointers to evaluate your work life balance and restore it back if you find it skewed.

Business & Money
by makebigmoney
9 years ago
Stay at Home Mom Jobs

Stay at home mom jobs has really come a long way in the last few years. It used to be that your choices for work at home jobs for moms were limited to clerical work or survey taking. While clerical jobs and survey taking are still...

Business & Money
by ladybugblue
9 years ago
Work From Home Candidate

Did you ever wonder how some people can work from home and make a living? One of the first things to do if you are considering a Work in the Home job is not the type of job so much as if you are a good candidate...

Business & Money
by tekaha
7 years ago
Tips for Starting Home Based Internet Businesses

There are some things to keep in mind if you're thinking of starting your own home based internet business. This article will outline some of them.

by amytrumpeter
6 years ago
Historical Context of Social Work in the UK

A historical outline of Social Work in the United Kingdom.

Business & Money
by ralthiel1983
7 years ago
Advantages and Disadvantages of working night shift

What's it like working night shift for a living? Working all night and sleeping during the day has it's benefits, but also has drawbacks and I'll cover both in this article.

Business & Money
by Sid Wood
5 years ago
How to Treat Your Temp Job as an Opportunity to Land a Permanent Position?

A temp job can be the gateway to land a permanent position in the same company you work as a temp. Use these tips to get the most of your temp work to find a permanent job.

Business & Money
by Yasuo
8 years ago
Work At Home Jobs For Moms: 3 Tips For Finding Scam Free Opportunities

In finding work at home jobs for moms, a question I frequently get asked is "What are my options?" In the case of if you're a mother, chances are you want to be able to have the flexibility to stay at home to raise your kids...

Business & Money
by Arashmania
10 years ago
Workaholic - Why it's Important to Take it Easy

Workaholic: Why it's important to take it easy

Some of us are workaholics and are driven by the world and nature of work. We define ourselves through what we do and accomplish in our life and less by what we are. Work has a lot of value for many people...

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