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Articles about yeast

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by onwoc234
6 years ago
Improve Your Diet With Nutritional Yeast

Nutritional yeast is a nutrient-rich fungus that can fortify your diet and promote good health. The health benefits of nutritional yeast reflect the unique nutrient profile of this simple food that combines some healthy nutritional qualities found exclusively in animals with some that are found mainly in plants. Find out if you need to fortify your diet with this fungus.

by onwoc234
3 years ago
The Best Dietary Strategy for Losing Body Fat: Avoid Diet Foods and Diet Drinks

Highly refined foods, diet foods and diet drinks are the primary causes of today's epidemic of obesity. This unhealthy state reflects the substances that are added or removed from these foods and drinks. Some of the additives in them are endocrine disrupters that promote obesity. Learn why natural foods can help you to lose body fat and fight the epidemic of obesity, whereas, diet foods would promote body fat and support obesity.

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