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Astrology: Being a Scorpio

   In astrology, one of the most popular and revered moon signs is the Scorpio. From around October 23 - November 21 is the time frame in which someone would be identified as a Scorpio, and is the eighth sign of the zodiac. Scorpios are known for exhibiting extreme passion, intuition and sexual prominence, as well as a never ending desire for the "breaking down" or "getting to the bottom" of things. In mythological terms, Scorpio is ruled by Mars and Pluto, Mars being the God of War and Pluto being the God of the Underworld. These two aspects of the Scorpio can be seen as the reason why they can be full of fury and have an affinity for dark things. 

   The passion of a Scorpio can translate into a burning fire in their eyes that can be seen by others, and when they find something they are very passionate about, attempting to stop or slow them is just as futile as trying to slow or stop a moving freight train. Their passion however is not always focused towards productive things, just as the symbol of a Scorpio is a Scorpion, Scorpios often can get into self-destructive behaviors and "sting" themselves. The passion of a Scorpio also flows directly to the personal relationships they have, in most cases there is no in between with them; either they are totally for you or totally against you, they totally care about you or don't care about you at all. Their passion can as well translate into loyalty, but if crossed, the same passion can into an intense unbridled conquest for revenge. 

   A common saying that is associated with Scorpios is, "still waters run deep." This is because for one Scorpios are a water sign, but more importantly because Scorpio's general aura is that of something really stirring deep beneath the surface of who they are. If you were to be in the presence of a Scorpio and they were real still and silent, it's a good chance they are analyzing the very core of you, and it wouldn't take long for them to accurately peg who you are as a person. This is because they are naturally intuitive, pulling the wool over a Scorpio would not be an easy task. That's why they would make great detectives or spies, because not only do they have great intuition, they like to investgate things. However, just because Scorpios are keen to have insight about things doesn't mean they never do anything that's foolish, in some cases a Scorpio can know something is foolish and do it anyway. 

   An aspect of the Scorpio that is probably the most well known about them is their sexual nature, regarded to be the most intensely sexual of all the zodiac signs. This sexual intensity can again be attributed to their overall passion, but also to their their thirst and obsession with their mortality. This focus they have for the beginnings and endings of things directly plays a role in what sex means to them. Since sex is the means through which life begin, and is a precursor for life that eventually ends, sex is essentially a spiritual act for Scorpios, making the act of sex as serious as life and death for them. The sexuality of a Scorpio can also sometimes overtake them and become the only thing that is important in their lives. 

   Being ruled by Pluto (The God of the Underworld), Scorpios have an innate fascination and curiosity about dark things such as the occult. With this fascination comes a natural desire to explore the darker realms of themselves and others, they usually identify the most with the darker themes of life. In addition to dark things, just like the word "Underworld" would suggest, Scorpios also like to get under the surface and beneath whatever it is that's going on. Scorpios like to get to the bottom of things fully, when things don't make almost perfect sense to them, if passionate enough about that thing they will relentlessly probe and investgate until it does make perfect sense. This again is a reason why they would make good detective, and lawyers.

    Scorpios are a really powerful zodiac sign and possess some really unique and interesting character traits. Out of all these traits though, the most significant aspect of a Scorpio is their ability for regeneration. Much like with sex, Scorpios have a profound ability renew, recharge and make themselves reborn. This applies to any area of their life, health, career relationships ect. The main symbol for Scorpio is the Scorpion, but there is another symbol associated with Scorpio and that is the Phoenix, a mythical bird of flames that rises flies forth from burned ashes. 

The Phoenix: Scorpio at its Best

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