Autumn is that special time of the year where the world changes into a beautiful mix of color. It's a season of changing leaves, sunflowers, and colorful vegetables. It's also the time of year where holidays and celebrations kick into full swing. And autumn wreaths can help bring the beautiful colors of the season together for your social gatherings and any of the major holidays. 

There are so many ways to use an autumn wreath (or fall wreath or Thanksgiving wreath, however you'd like to call it). They can bring color to your home's entryway, especially when hung on a front door as a beautiful welcome for guests.

Nearly Natural 4648 Harvest Wreath Fall, 28-Inch, GoldCredit:

They also look fantastic as indoor fall decorations. As a fall centerpiece on a main table in your home, it can add just the right splash of seasonal color. Throw a beautiful fall-colored candle in the middle, and it's a lovely setting for a holiday party. 

Below are five great autumn wreaths that really ring in the season with their color schemes. When you're looking for that color splash for your fall home decor, don't overlook this simple solution. They can really bring a space to life. 

Fall Splendor Wreath

Fall Splendor Wreath
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Fall Splendor WreathCredit: Amazon.comYour color palette for the season begins with reds, oranges, and greens -- all of the colors of the changing landscape during fall time. And this wreath, aptly named the "Fall Splendor Wreath", pulls those colors together mighty nicely. There's an air of change in this wreath. The greens still symbolize life or "evergreen", while the rich reds and oranges show the world in motion. It really captures that spirit of change, making it a great choice for early fall decor. 

In terms of size, this is an eighteen inch wreath, and it's built for indoor use only--though you could get away with placing it on a covered porch. 

The Tuscan Sunflower Wreath

Tuscan Sunflower Wreath 18"
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Tuscan Sunflower Wreath 18"Credit: Amazon.comThis is another excellent early fall wreath due to its color scheme and flower choices., particularly the preserved sunflowers. Sunflowers are one of the more famous autumn flowers around. They are big, bold, and colorful, and they really mark the seasonal change. On autumn wreaths they just pop due to their size. It adds a layer of dimension that most other flowers can't deliver. 

Accenting the sunflowers and green leaf base are a lot of other beautiful dried flowers, like larkspur (the purples) and ammobium (some of the yellows and oranges). This is another eighteen inch wreath, and it, too, is meant for indoor or covered porch use only. 

Nearly Natural Harvest Fall Wreath

Nearly Natural 4648 Harvest Wreath Fall, 28-Inch, Gold
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Nearly Natural 4648 Harvest Wreath Fall, 28-Inch, GoldCredit: Amazon.comNow we get deep into the autumn color scheme. This is a fall wreath of pure orange and gold. It features richly colored leaves among a whole bevy of miniature pumpkins and gourds that symbolize the fall season. Mixed in among it all are berry sprigs with a slightly golden-red hue--just enough to add a touch of depth to this piece of fall decor. 

This is an excellent mid-season or Thanksgiving wreath. It's colors perfectly match late October and November, and the gourds and pumpkins really symbolize that special holiday of giving. It's a larger wreath as well, coming in at twenty-eight inches across. Know that going in if you're considering it as a fall table centerpiece. 

Set The Seasonal Mood With Color

Decorating for fall definitely means lots and lots of autumn colors, and autumn wreaths like these are an excellent place to begin. They can help tie together a room for a holiday party in an instant. Or you can match your fall decor through the season as the balance of greens and reds changes. No matter your fall home decorating choice, you can't go wrong with a few fall wreaths. They truly do help you set the tone for the season.