Give your home an exotic jungle look without breaking the bank!

Looking for a way to give your home an exotic touch on a limited budget? Bamboo wall stickers can help you with that. They create unique and exotic jungle-like scenes on your walls, windows, and other smooth surfaces. Here you'll discover five of the best bamboo wall stickers that you can use around your home. 

It's a unique wall decor for sure, and one that will provide a lot of oomph to Asian decor, island or tropical decorating motifs, or any other modern style. If you're decorating with other bamboo furnishings like bamboo ceiling fans or flooring, these make great accent pieces to top off the look. Or if feng shui is your goal, these stickers are very popular. Vinyl Wall Art Decal Sticker Asian Decor Chinese Bamboo Tree 7ft BIG #332

Many of these bamboo decals (like other wall decals) can be moved over and over with no loss of stickiness. And they don't leave any marks in the process of removal. A great benefit for decorators who often change their minds or if you want to pass the sticker set on to a friend. 

So take a long look at these five great bamboo wall stickers. One or more of them may be the missing piece to turn your home into the exotic and peaceful oasis you've always wanted. 

RoomMates Bamboo Peel & Stick Wall Decals

A popular realistic-looking bamboo wall decal set.

RoomMates RMK1166GM Bamboo Peel & Stick Wall Decals
Amazon Price: $20.99 $18.89 Buy Now
(price as of Nov 8, 2016)

If you want to have the feeling of the real thing on your walls, these RoomMates decals are the best solution out there. The bamboo decals are photorealistic, they read like the real thing on the walls. And each of the bamboo stems are individual stickers (in fact there are 22 pieces in all), so you can be very creative in how you place these decals on your walls. 

This is an exceptional set, too, for the design tinkerer. RoomMates stickers are well-known for their quality and reusability, making these excellent for the person who wants to place the decals and consider the look, and then reposition as needed. 

Vinyl Wall Art Chinese Bamboo Tree, Seven Feet

A giant wall decal that'll frame your furnishings well.

Made by another quality wall sticker maker, Stickerbrand, this giant decal set is an impressive bamboo look for your home. The bamboo stems reach into the open space on your wall, and the slight lean mixed with the bamboo leaves frame your home accessories or furniture that you have placed around it. It's very cool. 

These wall decals are very big at seven feet in total height, so think about whether you have the wall space before purchasing. It's best if you have a wall with a lot of white space so that the impact of this decal can have full effect. 

It also comes in more colors than black, sixteen different ones to be exact! So you can choose the right hue to work with your room's other furnishings.

Brewster Bamboo Door Privacy Film

A fashionable way to create private spaces.

DC Fix 99428 Bamboo Door Privacy Film
Amazon Price: $26.99 $20.99 Buy Now
(price as of Nov 8, 2016)

These aren't technically wall decals that you can use anywhere. They are meant for  glass walls to add a layer of privacy to your space without sacrificing the external light that makes glass walls so great. And for that purpose, this bamboo film is tops. It easily covers the wall and immediately offers a sense of privacy, yet you still feel like you get the direct light that glass offers.  As an additional bonus, the film also blocks a lot of the sun's UV rays.

In the bathroom, this is a great choice for glass shower doors, and it's as easily removable (and reusable) as any other wall decal. 

Blue Mountain Wallcoverings, Snap Instant Wall Art, Bamboozled

A subtle take on bamboo stems.

If photorealism is not your thing, but you do love the look of taller bamboo stems, then check this bamboo decal set out. Its bamboo stalks have been pearlized, so the look is more subtle compared to the realistic sets above. If you've got a relaxed decor style with softer colors, this is an excellent pairing for your walls. 

It too is reusable, so you can fiddle with the placement as you'd like to get it looking just right in your space. 

Mille Bamboo Tree Wall Art Decor Sticker

Taking wall art in a new direction.

Here's a very unique bamboo wall sticker set. If you are not one for the look of giant decals, or if you are searching for something very modern in style, you'll find these bamboo stickers to be an excellent alternative. 

You still get a lot of the iconic things that make decorating with bamboo decals unique: The strong lines, the slightly chaotic leaf patterns, and the beautifully relaxing colors. But it's all harnessed into three wall art squares. They look great above a living room couch or bed to add a modern touch to the space. Coming in three different colors - green, brown, and gray - you've definitely got options when it comes to color matching. It's a very artistic choice that will definitely inspire conversation. 

Make Bamboo Your Wall Statement

Bamboo is an excellent home decor furnishing, and bamboo wall stickers are the cheapest way to really bring the look to life! You've got lots of decal options to bring this Asian decor into your home - all of which add a relaxing undertone to any room in which they are placed. These wall decals will definitely help create that peaceful oasis you've always imagined at a price that you can afford.