Every man cave needs some wall bling, and these funky bar signs hit the mark.

So you've got (or you man-friend has got) a room that's all about guy's stuff. A man cave. A place where manly things take precedent. That's good. Everyone needs a space to call their own. And no den for men is complete without laugh-out-loud, over-the-top manly decor. Man cave signs that announce the room's superior intent are one way to go about, and another good option are bar signs. These are the funky and fun wall plaques that you see on the corners of your local watering hole to give the regulars something to laugh about. 

cold beer testing stationThese wall hangings are so much fun to decorate with. Filling up a wall near your mini-fridge is a solid idea, or if you're lucky enough to have a bar in your man cave (a rarity because why, then, would you EVER leave), these are the signs that are made to hang around it. Really, they add personality just about anywhere, especially when you decorate with them in numbers. These are no brainer Christmas gifts for guys and Father's Day gifts that are sure to be appreciated and get a few good laughs. 

Take a look at my five favorite bar signs that help turn your boring old guy's room into something much, much more. They've got laughs, and they're all actually pretty decent to look at too. Some even have a nice vintage touch that the women out there may appreciate, but still don't go trying to place one in the living room. It just won't work guys. It never will. 

I Only Drink To Make YOU More Interesting

Alcohol Make You More Interesting Distressed Retro Vintage Tin Sign
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(price as of Sep 16, 2013)

i only drink to make you interestingNow this is a sign that gets to the point and quick! No goofing around when dealing with a guy's lair. This one's a cool vintage tin sign that isn't over the top in the design, it's all in the message. So for those concerned with the overall look of the room (really?), this one has got some old school flair that can pump up the volume on the walls. 

This sign is perfect if you've got a bunch of friends who ACTUALLY DO get more interesting when alcohol is involved. It's not as uncommon as it might seem, in fact it happens downright often!

The Pirate Sign: One-Eyed Jacks

One Eyed Jack's Tavern Distressed Retro Vintage Tin Sign
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(price as of Sep 16, 2013)

one eyed jacks tavern"Arrrr" you kidding me? What room can call itself a lair that doesn't have a little pirate in it? I personally love the old school feel of this sign. It's got that vintage vibe, but with a little more danger and fun. It's also got some "color" in the messaging to say the least, so the man clan will appreciate its humor. 

The name "One-Eyed Jacks" has got a lot of guy cred too. There's the western flick with Marlon Brando, the famous Twin Peaks brothel across the border, and a gazillion or more bars, pubs, and taverns across this big country featuring the name. That's a lot of coolness packed into this sign. 

The Cold Beer Testing Station

Beer Testing Station Metal Sign
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cold beer testing stationIf there was ever a job fitting of a man cave, it's that of a beer tester. Oh yes. That's a job that guys can do all day long, and well into the night. Now that's work ethic if I ever heard it. With that kind of dedication it's worthy of some serious bar signage, and this vintage metal sign delivers. It's fun in its 50's kitsch without being overly cute. And the circle shape pairs up quite well with a lot of the more rectangular shapes you see in these signs. It's a cool way to mix and match on a wall without falling into the same shape pattern over and over. 

Two Rules of the Bar

Two Rules of the Bar Metal Sign
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(price as of Sep 16, 2013)

bar rulesAll bars need clear-cut rules of how to engage the bartender, and the same goes if you're serving drinks in your cave. It's pretty cut and dry here, solving any disputes through irrefutable logic. Anyone that has got a problem with rule #1 better get a look at rule #2 quick. A must if you're pouring for a crowd of guys on a big game day, or if you're one of the lucky ones with an actual bar in your space. Bonus points are given if you were ever a bartender in your life. Now it really fits!

No Working During Drinking Hours

No Working During Drinking Hours Beer Retro Vintage Tin Sign
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(price as of Sep 16, 2013)

no working during drinking hoursWe've seen that it can be argued that drinking IS an important work-like element of a man cave (hence the importance of bar signs), but there's the flip side. Having a few cold brews with your pals is fun, making the man cave a literal "no work zone". Keep that office talk out of it. Sit back and enjoy the camaraderie and the fun of the cave. When you want that work free zone, you've got to announce it up front. This tin sign says it all.

Bar Signs Add Man-Approved Flair

There's no doubt about it, these bar signs--whether made of tin, wood, or plastic--can add a surprising amount of personality to a space. So whether you're looking for yourself, or if you've got a guy in your life in mind for a holiday or birthday gift, don't overlook these funky wall plaques. Don't let those man cave walls hang empty. They'll give your den some much-needed (and guy approved) dimension.