If you have decided that you want to remodel the bathrooms in your home the first thing you should consider is the bathroom sink faucets. The sink is first thing that people notice that really showcases the style of the bathroom. Bathroom sinks have changed a lot over the years. You no longer have plain white sinks as your only option (though they still make a great choice for simple looks) There are several options to show off your designer style in your bathroom. Bathroom sink faucets are also more technologically innovative than they were years ago. You can now control the water temperature on faucets with the touch of a button. When deciding on which bathroom sink is best for your bathroom you should take several factors into consideration.

How big is the bathroom? If the bathroom is small you will mostly likely want a vanity sink so that it will not take much space in the bathroom. These sinks cost around $200 depending on the style that you want. There are many nice vanity sink fixtures to choose from. You could choose an elegant waterfall vanity sink in you want to really show off your design creativity.

Who will be using the bathroom? If it is just you and one other person that is going to be using the bathroom sink faucet then a vanity waterfall sink would be really nice, but if you have lots of children in the house you may want to choose a design that is more durable and will last through the storm of being used so much. Pedestal sinks make great choices for their classic style and durability. They are affordable some start at $50. You can always buy bathroom towel sets and other accessories to coordinate with your bathroom theme. Just remember when shopping for bathroom accessories to focus the design pattern around your sink. This way your sink gets lots of attention.

Once you have decided on the style of the sink that you want, the next thing you should consider when shopping is price and quality. You should find a sink that you like that is in your budget, but you should also make sure that it is not cheaply made. The quality of the sink will help keep it looking nice for years. Brass and chrome sinks make good choices. They are less likely to get corrosion build up over time. Quality bathroom sinks have coating that prevents water stains to keep your sink looking nice. Be mindful of the different knob styles of sinks. They knobs on faucets come in many different styles and help with your design theme. When looking for your faucets make sure that it will go well with your other bathroom fixtures, such as the toilet and shower.

The cost of the bathroom sink faucets can vary a lot based on the style that you choose. Lower end models can cost between $20 and $70 while higher end models with brass or nickel can cost up to $750.

When you buy your sink it takes a short time to install it. Depending on who install it for you it can cost $75 to as much as $500 if there are problems installing the faucet. It is important to look for someone who knows what they're doing to install your bathroom sinks; you don't want a plumbing disaster. You can save yourself a lot of money by looking for a quality installation specialist.

When you are done picking out your bathroom sink and it has been installed, you can look at your creative design. You have added value to your home and made your bathroom look better.