For those looking to purchase rock climbing gear, the climbing harness is often one of the more confusing pieces of rock climbing equipment to try to choose.  The best climbing harness depends on many factors.  A beginner or casual climber will simply want to find the best all-purpose climbing harness that he or she feels is comfortable to wear.   For those who are more advanced in skill, rock climbing equipment designed for a specific type of climbing such as crevice climbing, indoor climbing, or extra high altitude climbing may be more appropriate.  Most climbers will say that one need not go into debt in order to buy safe and reliable rock climbing gear.  The most important factor to consider according to most experienced climbers, when buying climbing equipment is the feel for the individual when using or wearing that brand or style of gear.

Some important features to consider when buying a harness

One of the most important things to consider when shopping for the best climbing harness to meet one’s needs is the amount and location of padding that is desperately needed to keep one comfortable. A harness should have several gear loops that enable one to hook various pieces of necessary equipment evenly around the waste in order to carry them along while climbing.  One should look for a speed buckle if a t all possible as this takes some of the work out of putting on the harness and has the added safety feature of not hooking at all unless on properly leaving little room for error.  One needs to find a harness that fits snugly but is not uncomfortable.  Two harnesses that are among the best rock climbing harnesses on the market today are:

Back Diamond Harness

The Black Diamond Vario Speed Climbing Harness

Many of those who use this harness will swear it is the best climbing harness available.  It has a speed buckle for added safety and ease of use.  The leg loops are quick-adjust and it is a great harness for in the gym as well as in outdoor settings.  It has a one size fits all sizing that makes this a great harness for those who climb in a variety of settings during various seasons which may mean wearing heavier clothing under the harness.  This is also a highly recommended for families harness as it will adjust in size as a child or teen grows, meaning one will have a great and safe product and will save by not having to replace it often as the user grows up.

Petzl Calidris Climbing Harness

The Petzl Calidris Climbing Harness

This highly rated and well recommended piece of climbing equipment is often considered the best rock climbing harness by those who have used it.  The harness has 2 double back buckles.  There are multiple loops and other spaces for carrying gear while on a climb.  The harness is well-padded and is heavy duty while being well-ventilated and very comfortable for climbers. This harness is sized to fit larger climbers and is made for longer climbs as well as booth indoor and outdoor climbing.  This harness is recommended for those at any level of climbing and is often recommended for those that lie to climb in a wide variety of settings.

Because of the wide range of body types, needs of climbers in a variety of settings and personal taste where comfort and looks are concerned, there are several harnesses that could be considered the best rock climbing harness; trial of harnesses in shops or at climbing centers, experience and the recommendation of other climbers should all be carefully weighed when purchasing rock climbing gear.