The introduction of Windows 8 made a historic mark on computer hardware. For the first time, one could actually get an operating system that could, and should, be navigated by a touch screen. The biggest disadvantage of touch screen monitors is their price tag. Touch screen technology is relatively new and like with any new technology it will be expensive until the next big thing comes out.

Many touch screen monitors average at least $800 dollars in price. However, if you do not need a massive 30" touch screen monitor, you can find one at a more affordable range. It you are willing to sacrifice size, you can save about 500 dollars!

Why Buy Touch Screen?

If you have found yourself migrating from the PC to your smart phone or tablet, it is probably because it is more convinent, but also the touch screen technology on these devices is more engaging. Nothing makes you feel all Sci-Fi and cool like having everything at the control of your finger.

Other than the obvious "windows 8 works better' reason on why to buy the touch screen, it also add more usability. If you are an artist, some monitors come with a stylus so you can draw on it like that $1000 Wacom tablet you have always secretly wanted.

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What to Look for When Shopping for a Touch Screen Monitor

What features to look for:


In my opinion the best display is an LED LCD. This provides the best lighting and the dimming allows the monitor to provide deeper shades of black. When shopping for a monitor, you want to get a monitor that fix your needs. If you are going to be watching movies on your PC while moving around the room. You want a monitor with a good good response time, so there is less blur while watching movies, and a good viewing angle, so you do not get a lot of glare. if you want a crisper picture, look for a monitor with a lower pixel pitch. The lower the pixel pitch means the closer the pixels are together, thus a more detailed picture.

Physical Dimensions

Unlike normal flat screen monitors, touch screens tend to weight a bit more. Some of the larger touch screen monitors also do not make use of the full screen. Whereas smaller screens actually make good use of the space they have to work with. So keep this in mind when buying larger screen monitors.


When buying a touch screen monitor, you need to make sure it has a commonly used connectivity. The connectivity of a monitor to the tower of your computer varies from brand to brand. You will need to find out which one yours uses, most times there is often one way to connect the monitor to your tower. Look for commonly recognized connections like HDMI, DisplayPort, VGA, DVI and USB.

Touch Screen 15-Inch POS TFT LCD TouchScreen Monitor
Amazon Price: $399.99 $249.99 Buy Now
(price as of Jul 15, 2013)
This 15" monitor allows for the ability to be used as a normal monitor but also tilts in a way that you can use it just like a big tablet.

It recognizes a stylus, finger, and a gloved hand for all its touch screen capabilities. It also has a reasonable response time of 10.4 ms. It uses a VGA connector, but the touch screen requires a the USB to be connected.

The page does not advertise Windows 8 compatibility, but drivers have since been released that allow it to use Windows 8.
LE1000 15" 1024 x 768 500:1 Touchscreen LCD Monitor
Amazon Price: $525.00 $249.00 Buy Now
(price as of Jul 15, 2013)
This 15" LCD monitor supports Windows 8 and has a very simple 'plug and play' connectivity. It connects via the traditional VGA connection. It is very responsive with a 9.8 ms response time. This was developed for uses in retail and restaurants, but adapts well for personal use as well.
Monoprice 17-inch 4:3 LCD Touch Screen Monitor
Amazon Price: $517.50 $196.61 Buy Now
(price as of Jul 15, 2013)
This 17" monitor is Windows 8 compatible and has a very good resolution of 2048 x 2048 for it's size. The touch screen has been reviewed as very responsive, but I could not find an exact response time. It is designed to work with a stylus, gloved hand, and a regular old hand.

It connects via VGA and USB for touch screen.