Is your website's color scheme conveying the proper message about your business or product? Every web designer, experienced or novice, has a color or set of colors they tend to gravitate to when designing a website.

However, the colors you are using may not be sending the intended message. If your website 'just doesn't feel right' try looking at the color scheme. Your plain old black, grey, and white color scheme is most likely not sending out the message that you or your company is energetic, friendly, and on board with the technology of today.

So toss out that plain black background with white text, users do not like it, and try to create your website around a set of colors instead. It will breathe life into even the most boring website topics. The vibrate use of color scheming in a website will also increase visitor engagement.

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emerald color scheme


Emerald is Pantone's color of the year. So a lot of the fashion and marketing you are going to see this year will revolve around that color. Most fashion experts thought emerald died in the 1980's, but it is making a comeback. For good reason too!

Green is the color that the human eye sees the most of. So when your users visit your site with this emerald green color scheme it will be engaging and pleasing to the eye immediately. Because we see green so well, the color often looks more vibrant than any other. Green often radiated a certain peacefulness and rejuvenation. It has been used for many years as a sign for healing.

The Pantone color firm believes that this color will fit the vivid and vibrant year of 2013 as well as promote balance and unity, unlike tangerine that was seen as spirited in 2012.

dusk blue color scheme

Dusk Blue

Dusk Blue is not Pantone's top color scheme in 2013, but it was among those considered for the title. The dusk blue color scheme is inspired by what it looks like--water. More specifically the ocean. This blue color scheme will have a peaceful and calming effect on any user. With the proper implementation of the playful light tones and the anchoring color known as "deep lagoon", it is sure to keep your users interest.

Where as blue is usually thought of as a cold color, the excellent use of the lighter shades help give it a more friendly appeal. Blue is often thought to be easy on the eyes as well. Where as red or lighter greens can inspire energy, blue inspires more of a calm.

nectarine color scheme


This color scheme exemplifies vibrant. The Nectarine color scheme was inspired by all the troubles in the world at current. It was meant to be something uplifting to distract us from the pain and suffering, or so the creator David Meister says. The mellowed orange and lighter tones are perfect to give a site good energy without having bright 'in your face' orange everywhere. The warm orange color gives your site a gentle softness while being anchored down by the darker lipstick color.

This is perfect for a site that wants to prove its energy. Orange represents warmth and activity, perfect for a beginning site to signify its beginning or for an older site to signify its new beginning. Some web designers feel that an overly orange site is annoying to the user and can hurt they eye, but with these gentle soft tones with just a dash of the brighter oranges, it can give any site a very pleasing aura.