A fun way to add temporary style to your wall decor.

If you're looking for a neat way to tie nature into your home decor,  bird wall stickers are an excellent option! Birds are part of the daily fabric of life: Their lovely chirping, beautiful colors, and the elegance of their flight all inspire, and you can bring that to life (well, all but the chirping) as a nature scene in your living room, nursery, or bedroom.  There's five excellent bird wall sticker sets below, and any of them can transform your wall into something fun and naturally beautiful. Cherry Blossom & Birds

Vinyl wall stickers are totally safe for your walls, by the way. They stick on like any sticker would and peel off without a trace that they were ever there. This makes them ideal for temporary decorating or decorating on a budget. The looks you can create, in fact, can be more impactful that any painting you'd ever do!

WallStickers USA Large Tree Wall Sticker (With Birds)

A full nature scene that'll breathe fresh air into your space.

WallStickersUSA Large Tree Wall Sticker Decal for Home Decor
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(price as of Jul 23, 2013)

Many bird wall decals are part of a larger set featuring other aspects of nature, and this is one of the most popular. It features a beautiful (and tall tree), an inspirational quote on love, and of course the bird silhouette stickers. 

If the quote is not for you, it's no problem - many people decorate with this set without the quote, focusing solely on the nature scene and the birds in flight. 

The tree sticker itself in nearly five feet tall, so this is a sticker set that will be a wall anchor. It's a great one to use as a nursery wall decal or as a way to frame your couch in your living room.

Flock Of Birds Wall Decals

Bird silhouettes of all sizes - great on their own or to pair with other decal sets.

Flock of Birds wall decal sticker
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(price as of Jul 23, 2013)

There's eighteen total bird wall decals in this set, ranging in size from an inch across to four inches wide. The bird silhouettes are quite beautiful, and on their own, they're a fun way to give some movement to a space. You can cluster them together or have them flying loosely across your wall. They're also a lot of fun on other surfaces like stainless steel appliances, windows, and mirrors!

This set also shines as a complementary set to other wall stickers. If you want to add birds to a set of dandelion wall stickers or cherry blossom decals, this is a great option.

Cherry Blossom & Birds

A colorful pairing that looks great in a nursery room!

Speaking of cherry blossoms, here's a decal set that does the pairing for you! It features colorful cherry blossoms with birds nestled among the branches. 

Cherry blossom wall stickers are very popular as nursery decals because of their beauty (and of course the fact that they're temporary.) But don't let that limit your creativity! You can decorate with these birds and blossoms in any room you'd like, and they'll bring life to the space. 

Parisian Spring Bird In Tree Silhouette

A touch of worldliness fills these decals. They tell a story.

There's something about this sticker set that people just respond to! It's a lovely mix of nature in silhouette that feels more worldly than other sets. The bird-cage mixed with the tree branches is a unique look - one that can be put together in many different ways. You can use this set vertically to add height to your decorations, or you can place the branches horizontally - like the branch is growing from a wall corner - to bring some decorative width to your walls. 

This is a set of bird decals that definitely works in many places around the home. It feels like a story is being told - like your home has a narrative - and that's really extra special. So don't only look at these as nursery wall decals. Of course they work great there, but they can do much more for your home decorating. One idea: Try them as kitchen wall decals, especially if you have bistro style eating nook. 

RoomMates Angry Birds Wall Decals

No post on top bird wall stickers would be complete without them!

RoomMates RMK1794SCS Angry Birds Peel and Stick Wall Decals
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(price as of Jul 23, 2013)

Kids love Angry Birds. Adults love Angry Birds. Who doesn't love Angry Birds? Yes, these wall decals aren't the natural-looking beauties from above, but boy are they fun for kids. This set has got the mixture of both birds and their arch-enemy pigs, so you can set up a battle royale. Use them in play rooms and children's bedrooms and they'll bring massive personality to the space. 

Remember that you can remove (or even reuse) wall stickers, so don't be concerned over what happens when your kid's Angry Birds phase is over! You'll just simply peel these down and your wall will look as it ever did. It's a much cheaper solution than painting to give a little playfulness to a space. 

Let Your Design Take Flight

Bird wall stickers can add a nice level of natural beauty to your wall decor, or, like those Angry Birds, they can be downright fun! They're perfect as temporary nursery decorations, but they can also set the tone for any room. If you love adding a touch of nature into your decorating, you'll definitely appreciate them. So have your design take flight, and let the birds loose on your walls!