Bladder cancer symptoms are variform. Nowadays,bladder cancer is worrying a lot of people, which also the despair of some people. It grows rapidly and can develop in different parts of bladder at one time. Maybe you also unfortunately have this disease. Thus, it remind us to know more about the symptoms of bladder cancer, which would help a lot indeed.

So, what are the symptoms of the bladder cancer?

First of all,early bladder cancer symptoms are usually the blood in the urine. The blood can be either visible or invisible, so that we can not diagnose by ourselves. Some doctors even err in their adjustment. Still, it can be detectable by microscope in any case. It is the most common bladder cancer symptoms,thought it may be caused by other diseases.

Secondly, one of the signs and symptoms is pain during urination. But it is different in different periods. At the begging of a bladder cancer, people is not supposed to feel pain when during their urination. But once the cancer is necrotic,cankerous or infected, these Bladder cancer symptoms are very likely to appear. At the same time, people who has a bladder cancer always feel likely to have urination continually, even, without any reason.

Third, the other symptoms is back pain or stomachache. However, this kind of pain is not really sharp and it may happen from time to time.

Forth, other bladder cancer symptoms can be a fever. Some other potential bladder cancer symptoms including feel inappetent, feel like vomiting, anaemic or auantic.

These four signs and symptoms are not pathognomonic. These four Bladder cancer symptoms are very common, many people have these symptoms so that many people might ask, could these symptoms be a sign of cancer or a disease? The answer is NO!

The only way to diagnose whether you got a bladder cancer is to see a doctor for a cystoscopic exam as soon as possible, after you find yourself have several Bladder cancer symptoms which are listed above. Lucky enough, it may be well and nothing to worry about.

It is worth to mention that men are more likely to have bladder cancer than women. No matter how, it is beneficial for people to develop a healthy life style and form a positive attitude towards their life. Another good way to prevent bladder cancer is to do exercise more as much as possible to strengthen your body, as people's constitution differ, so does their resistance to diseases. Therefore, you are supposed to eat more nut fruits, and olive oil to get more vitamin E, which can do good help to reduce the risk of bladder cancer symptoms of bladder cancer.