There are several way to post you article in Blog.But most of us don't know we can publish our blog post right from your Microsoft word most powerful and famous word processor. It works with the most popular blogging services. Once you’ve registered your blog within MS word, you can publish your blog post with a single click.

Setup Blog Account With MS Word:

Step 1 : First you need to have one blogging account. There are very popular sites out there in web like Blogger, WordPress, TypePad, Tumblr and many more.Here I’ll show you to set up blog through Wordpress.

Step 2 : In Microsoft word Select File➝New➝Blog Post➝Create
A window space will open for you to write a blog post. Word also displays a dialog box to register a Blog Account.

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Step 3 : Now you need to register to your blog account through the dialogbox provided in Word.I'll show you here how you will setup through Wordpress.Though there are various blog provider option there like Blogger,Typepad etc. Even if you can't find your blog  provider you can set up with the option other.

Credit: phoenix
Register your blog

Step 4 : Next enter the blog URL, User Name, and Password and sign in to your blog. Word can store your password, so if you don’t want to type every time you want to post to your blog, check the Remember Password.

account info

Step 5: Now in picture selection window you need to select where are you planning to select picture for your posts.

picture selection

Write Your Post And Publish

you can write your post in offline.When you’re ready to publish,make sure your computer is connected to the Internet, and then select Blog Post -> Publish. If you haven’t checked remember password, you see a dialog box asking you to provide your login info. Type in your user name and password, and then click OK. Word connects to your blogging site, signs in, and uploads your post. At the top of the document in Word, you see a notification that the post was published, along with the posting date and time.Bravo!! the document is on your blog for public view.

You can also upload the document as a draft. When you choose this option, Word uploads the post but doesn’t publish it yet. Instead, you can find the post where your blogging service stores draft posts

contaact blog provider

Happy Blogging. Share you views and comments.