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Blue Pearl Meditation

By Edited Nov 13, 2013 2 6

My journey with spirituality

Finding my higher self

I am by no stretch of the imagination a religious person, I don't go to church anymore like I did when I was kid and I don't pray everyday like I used to and I even became an atheist but I decided to embark on a journey in spirituality.

When I was only eleven or twelve I was searching the internet for fun and came across some webpages on lucid dreaming (dream control) as a pre teen I wasn't skeptical at all. After trying the techniques for a few days I had my first lucid dream. Boy was it brilliant, I was in a smallish white room with a few beds and I was floating outside of my dream body eating dream food and exploring the place I was in. What was it, an alternate reality, a different dimension? I just didn't know what to think.

I've never be able to repeat that experience to that level although since then I have had about fifty lucid dreams.

After that I became interested in meditation it's something you always hear about and you wonder why people even do it. Through my research into meditation I found out about the third eye.

The third eye.

The third eye is a spiritual eye which can sense and see energy much like your eyes can see light. It is in the centre of the forehead, there are six other spiritual 'centres' in your body which you need to clear to help aid spiritual development and become a balanced person. With your third eye you see auras, see spirits, and energy. 

After having my first lucid dream I realised just how many other 'things' there were out there, like a whole new reality I knew nothing about. 

I was only a few weeks into doing meditation, one session I was almost drifting off which happens if you get too tired during meditation when I saw the most clearest blue pearl ever right there in the centre of my forehead-my third eye. 

Nothing could explain what this blue pearl was, at that time I wasn't visualising or imagining anything it just appeared.

I surfed the internet once again and found out that what I had seen was my higher self, me, my soul. If I could merge with this blue light or pearl I would be one with it and feel the unimaginable love and wholeness of pure love. Sure it was only a blue pearl but it showed me there is something out there that I couldn't ignore.

What could the blue pearl be?

Whilst doing my research into what this pearl was and why I had seen it I found out that loads of others have seen it and wanted to know what it was just as badly.

Some had vastly different experiences with it then me, quite a few bonded with this pearl and became one with it and experienced extreme bliss, others went through it into the astral plane (the soul plane where you are your soul, thought only with no body).

No one really know what the pearl is or symbolises therefore there are only biased theories influenced by that person's experiences and beliefs, each I take with a grain of salt but here are some possible theories behind the blue pearl:

a gateway to the fourth dimension

your soul/higher self

our consciousness

I think the blue pearl represents your third eye and a portal into other dimensions, or time. I think through the pearl you can astral travel and leave your body.

Buddha meditation
Credit: Pixabay public domain

Does the blue pearl prove the exsistence of God?

Many people claim the blue pearl is God's presence and once merging with it you become intoxicated with God's glory and power. For me I like to look at everything as unbiased as possible obviously my unbiased is someone elses biased.

To me I do think angels, time, and spirit can exist without a God, while that may seem weird to some I truly believe that if the proof presents itself you shouldn't ignore it no matter how irrational it appears.

So what are your views, and have you ever experienced anything spiritual that made you question life? Have you seen this blue pearl, stone whatever it is?



Apr 20, 2013 7:15am
Can't say I've seen a blue pearl but I do get shapes and colours.I've also had lots of body twitches etc. The most spun out meditation I had was whilst listening toTibetan singing bowls...At that time I was not ready for such a deep meditation, scared me. I believe that what we call "God" is a belief in something, but for me not necessarily a person. God can mean different things to different people. Interesting article
Apr 20, 2013 7:34am
I believe god is man made I dont get how people can say religious text arent real but god is, how would you have come upon the premise of god without these texts. I just think there is a collective conciousness which we as humans can tap into.
Apr 20, 2013 6:42pm
Hi Ash, wonderful article. I'm with you on the collective conciousness thing. Me and my husband used to teach on a psychic website (looooong time ago) and we've experienced many inexplicable things. Try bringing a group back from a Past Life Meditation when you're in the UK and they're in the USA and Canada...that'll give you sweaty palms!
I met my husband at a meditation group. He moved in a week later, proposed a week after that. That was thirteen years ago and I love him to bits. So I have a soft spot for meditation!
Apr 21, 2013 4:45am
I am interested in past life regression also what fustrates me is there is no clear websites out that I know of that help beginners in spirituality this has been months of me looking online for hours before I found something suitable to me.
Apr 23, 2013 8:13am
Great article, this is something that I have been getting more and more interested in.
Jun 4, 2013 5:16pm
Interesting article. I've been able to lucid dream as a child but kind of grew out of it. Didn't help that no one else I knew was able to do that. I still have lucid dreams but they're very rare now, have never experienced anything more than a lucid dream though.
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