So you liked The Hunger Games trilogy? Why would you not like it, it is a fantastic read. However like Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead, sometimes reading something you love awakes a great thirst for more. In the case of Hunger Games, there are no more. So instead you must look for something similar to help continue to feed that hunger for the genre.

Hunger Games is considered primarily set in the dystopian genre so many of the novels below fall into that genre. So if that is something that turned you off the Hunger Games, then none of these books will probably fit for your particular needs. However if you are looking for books like the Hunger Games but specifically do not want dystopian novels, you may not have a very fruitful search.

the hunger games
Battle Royale: The Novel
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When The Hunger Games was first released there was a surprisingly large group of Battle Royale fans that believe The Hunger Games was just an English rip off of Battle Royale. There are quite a few similarities, but ultimately it was not a rip off of Battle Royale. However Battle Royale is similar to The Hunger Games in a lot of ways that makes it an excellent recommendation for fans for the trilogy.

Battle Royale is a Japanese book by Koushun Takami that has spawned both a movie and a comic book. Battle Royale takes place in a dystopian Japan where they are under totalitarian government rule. To create paranoia among the young people and discourage revolution, they pick one class of high school students that are then taken to a remote island and forced to fight to the death. Sounds really familiar, yeah?

What I like about Battle Royale as compared to The Hunger Games is that you get to know all the characters. In The Hunger Games, you really only get to know Peeta and Katniss but not the other tributes, however in Battle Royale every single one of the 42 boys and girls has a back story. It is a really interesting, albeit long read.
Lord of the Flies, Centenary Edition
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I am a fan of old books, especially old books by Nobel prize winners. Lord of the Flies is a book by Nobel prize winner William Golding. This is a classic book, many people are forced to read it for their education at some point. This is one of those books that either you really love or really hate.

Like in Hunger Games, Lord of the Flies is about a group of children placed in a secluded location to survive. However, whereas in Hunger Games they hate and rebel against the government due to the vicious games they are forced to play in, Lord of the Flies the children choose to hate outsiders.

Lord of the Flies is a great romp into the insight of children when you leave them to their own devices and survival. It is really quite shocking how violent kids can be without an adult around to enforce them. There are quite a bit more gruesome parts than Hunger Games, so if you are squeamish you may want to pass this one.
Ender's Game (The Ender Quintet)
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Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card is seen as a classic must read for sci-fi fans. However it is also an enjoyable read for those that are not into science fiction. Whereas hard core science fiction novels, like anything by Isaac Asimov, are primarily focused on technology, Ender's game focuses a lot of the emotional state of the main character. The story follows Ender Wiggins who is selected at a young age to be plucked from his family and trained specifically to fight an invasion of bug-like aliens. It is similar to Hunger Games in the way that it follows children who are thrust into roles the a mature adult would even cringe at.

Ender's Game is the first novel in a series of novels dubbed the Ender saga. While the first couple of novels are fantastic reads some of the later ones get a wee bit weird and complex. However, once you dig your way into this saga, you will find it hard to put down.
The Running Man
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The Running Man is a Stephen King novel however he wrote it under the pen name Richard Bachman. I am a huge fan of all things Stephen King, so it is no great surprise that I loved this novel. However, if the Stephen King label does not have you sold, The Running Man is very similar to The Hunger Games.

The Running Man follows Ben Richards who is thrust into a game that is devised by the authorities. The contestants, much like the tributes, serve as a form of entertainment for the masses. They are slaughtered and manipulated for the entertainment of those that watch. However, Ben Richards, much like Katniss, decides he is not going to conform to the role that they want him to fit in.

While most novels on this list fall into the overall genre of Young Adult literature, The Running Man may not really be appropriate for the younger set of young adults. Bad language is used and with great gusto so it is definitely not a novel for the young adult.
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Anthem is technically classified as a novella by Ayn Rand. Ayn Rand gets a lot of criticism for her views on objectivism but whether you have an opinion on the author or not, Anthem is a fantastic dystopian novel that compares to Hunger Games in terms of rebellion against society.

Anthem can be difficult to read because of the unique way it is written. In the dystopian society of Anthem, they do not have words like "I", "My", or "Myself". So thus things and people are referred to as "we" or their names like the main character Equality 7-2521. Thus the book is written using only plural pronouns until near the end, confusing many.

The book follows Equality 7-2521 through his life where he is unhappy in his assigned role as a street sweeper. He wanted to be assigned the role of a scientist where he discovers new technology. Because of his unhappiness, he begins to break all the rules that society has set to keep a peaceful, happy, and utterly emotionless society.