If you are an amateur bowler and would like to start playing more often or perhaps join a league someday, you should follow this bowling advice to better your game before you go up against the professionals or even those with much more experience.

Bowling For Dummies (For Dummies (Sports & Hobbies)) [Paperback]Better yet, if you have friends that are pretty good at the game  those would be excellent people to get bowling advice from, even better if you can practice with them sometime for a fun night out. Nevertheless, if you are indeed new to bowling there are a few things that can help you better your game, or even just learn to play the game!

Your first piece of bowling advice is that you need to know how to keep score of a game, otherwise else how do you know if you are doing well or not? Most bowling alleys have automatic scoring, but understanding how it is calculated can help you better understand the game – and what you are doing! It also helps to know some bowling terminology so you are not completely out of the loop. A few terms you may need to know are the following:Brunswick Slingshot Bowling Package- Black and Silver

  • Angle: This is the direction that the ball moves when going towards the 1-3 pocket. While 1-3 is for right-handed bowlers, 1-2 for left hand bowlers.
  • Address: A bowler’s starting position
  • Anchor: The last person to roll in a team competition
  • Back ends: the last 6 ft of the lane

Now that you have some of the terminology down, you should be in business! Next, get a bowling ball to play with. Make sure to locate a ball that suits your body type and is comfortable on your hand and fingers.

Ebonite Deluxe Ball Polisher and CarrierNow before you throw that ball down the lane, you probably want to have a correct stance. Beginning stances tend to make or break your 300 point perfect game. Have your own defined way of tossing the ball and delivering it down the alley, just make sure to practice to see what works best for you. While some stances may be more effective than others, almost all stances involve the ball up in front of your waist with your knees slightly bent.

Most all traditional bowling alleys offer shoe and ball rentals, but having comfortable shoes and a bowling ball that you are comfortable playing with are very essential; If not, you will be uncomfortable and play poorly as a result.

BSI Solar II Single Ball Tote BagThe best piece of bowling advice I could probably give you is to not forget socks, because; unfortunately, most bowling alleys do not provide them for you. If you do choose not to rent shoes or a ball from a bowling alley, you can purchase your shoes elsewhere like online or at a specific store location.

Now that you have learned a little bowling advice about how the bowling score works as well as some informative bowling-lingo for you to impress your competitors, you should be all ready to go!  Make sure to bring your comfortable shoes, socks, rent a ball, and get ready to win.