Do you wish you could bowl a strike every time you play? If you are a competitive bowler and love to see nothing but strikes on your bowling monitor, below are some helpful tips on how to make sure you bowl nothing but strikes. Whether you are very knowledgeable on the game, or are just beginning, many very intricate aspects go into bowling strikes. 

Plasma Bowling BallOne characteristic that comes into play that many people do not even consider is the condition of the lane. This is important because no two lanes are the same; some alleys have hardwood floors, whereas some of the more modern bowling alleys use synthetic materials.

When bowling alleys decide to upgrade to the synthetic lanes it creates a softer surface, affecting the performance of the game entirely. Although these more modern looking lanes appear to be wood to the untrained eye, they lack a lot of distinctiveness of real wood, like the roughness that players might have gotten accustomed to. Make sure your lane is not damaged in any way, this can also affect the game. You can easily do this by asking an attendant that works at the location in which you are playing.

Brunswick Women's Glide Bowling ShoesAnother important condition of a bowling lane is if it is oiled or not. If you are about to bowl on a lane that has been used all throughout the day the odds are that the lane is not as oiled up as it was previously, thus effecting your ability to bowl a strike. Oiling the lanes helps preserve the surface of the lanes, so if you are accustomed to bowling on a freshly oiled lane and play a game on a dull alley, it will affect your performance without a doubt. If you bowl frequently then you probably have already developed relationships with employees at bowling alleys so it makes it simpler to ask them which lane would be the best to use that day, or if they can grease the lane you wish to use 

Another pointer to take into consideration when bowling strikes is one of the most important, making sure your bowling ball suits you well. The bowling ball is the central object of the game aside from the bowler him - or herself.  It is imperative that you find a ball that is a good fit to raise your chances at bowling strikes. It must be a perfect weight for you, your thumb, index and ring finger must fit perfectly into the slots. If you are a perfectionist then not only must the color and design be contoured for your specific likes but your ball must also be the perfect texture.

Brunswick Remove All Ball Cleaner BottleKeep your bowling ball clean, performance wise this will better improve your game, not to mention many bowling balls are drilled and designed to look great while going down the lane. By cleaning your ball every 6-9 games you will preserve the performance level, thus making it more feasible for you to bowl strikes, but it also conserves the life of the bowling ball. Bowling strikes is not the easiest move in the game, but hopefully with some of these helpful tips in addition to hard work and practicing you will be bowling strikes much more frequently.