When it comes right down to it, there are several things in bowling that you cannot control. You cannot control the lanes themselves, after all it is not your job to maintain and oil the lanes, this is always going to be dependent on the bowling alley. You cannot control the people around you, some people are just naturally more noisy and are not interested in bowling a good game as much as they just want to have a fun time with friends.  But you can always control yourself, more specifically you can always control your approach and your swing. These two bowling techniques will always help you bowl better.

Pyramid Path Blue, Black and WhiteThe Approach

The approach has nothing to do with whether or not you take the game seriously, it has to do with how you move towards the foul line before you release the ball. The approach is made up out of two specific parts, the stance, and the position of your ball.

When you have the right stance, you are setting yourself up for the right shot. Have your knees slightly bent and make sure your spine is angled forward. This is going to give you the power in your legs to push off while remaining balanced.

With the right stance in place, it becomes important you hold your ball perfectly. Most people prefer to have their ball around the waist during their approach. If you are shorter than the average person you may want to hold the ball just slightly higher during your approach to get a bit more power in the swing.

Plasma Bowling BallThe Swing

If you go to your nearest bowling alley you are going to see many different swings, from those bowlers who have perfected their swing to those who would not even know how to spell the word bowling techniques and simply chuck the ball into the lane. The swing is not just one particular thing; it is built up out of the timing, the release, the rotation of the ball and the finish.

Your timing is going to be all-important if you want to bowl a good game. Without good timing you will notice that your entire game feels off. When you time your swing perfectly it is going to feel as though you are playing better than you thought was possible. If you want the best possible swing, you should always release when your arm is at the very bottom part of your swing. While this may take some getting used to, it is the perfect time to release. If you bowl with your thumb in the hole, you should try to release your thumb when the ball itself is near your ankle.

Ebonite Ultra Dry Grip Sack (colors may varyWhen you wrap up your swing, otherwise known as the finish, your arm should be towards the ceiling almost as though you are waving goodbye to the ball. When you finish like that you will have put plenty of power behind the ball and the ball itself will have maximum revolutions as it travels towards the pins for a strike.

You will never be able to play your best without learning to optimize these bowling techniques, so take a little bit extra time and make sure the fundamentals are solid before you move onto more fancy things.