If you are considering using cloth diapers on your little one’s little rump you will find that you have a lot of options available to you. The BumGenius line of products are just one of the many types of cloth diapers on the market, but these diapers are amongst the most popular amongst cloth diapering mothers, for several reasons. In years gone by, cloth diapers were the only choice for parents, and most parents of that era will agree that cloth diapers were a huge inconvenience. Cloth diapers today are designed with the busy parent in mind, and while they still do require a bit more effort than disposables do, the amount of work involved with them is nowhere near as much as was involved just a few years ago.

BumGenius offers a choice between two types of cloth diapers.

  • All-in-one cloth diapers
  • Insert cloth diapers

They also offer a line of cloth diapers that are specifically for the smaller bottom of a newborn, and the one-size cloth diapers that can be adjusted as your baby grows.

Caring for Your BumGenius Diapers

One of the best parts about cloth diapers is just how easy it is to care for them today. While you can certainly use a large soaking bucket in your tub, the beauty of these diapers is that they can simply be tossed into your washing machine, using the same cleaning cycles that you use for your other clothing. If your washing machine does have a sterilize cycle, however, you’ll find it a lot easier to get the diapers perfectly clean again each time you wash them.

One of the must-have accessories for cloth diapers is one of the BumGenius diaper sprayers that attaches to the toilet in your bathroom. The high pressure that this spray puts out will swiftly remove all solids from the diapers and will mean a lot less work is needed when you get around to washing the diapers in the evening. Simply follow the directions for installing the diaper sprayer and then place the rinsed diaper into your diaper wet bag. Then follow the BumGenius washing instructions to ensure that the diapers are left clean, stain-free, and sterilized for the next day.

The BumGenius diaper shells should be air-dried, either outdoors on a line, or on an indoor drying line. They will dry much faster than the inserts will so it is recommended that you have extra inserts on hand, and that you also tumble dry the inserts on a low setting. Putting the shells in the dryer can result in fading and other damage so it is important to avoid doing that.

Using Cloth Diapers

It is widely known that using cloth diapers can help to reduce the number of disposable diapers that wind up in landfills, but it can also help you with your already stretched budget. There’s no doubt about it, disposable diapers can be an expensive part of your weekly grocery trip. Products like BumGenius work toward helping you to do your part in the environment, and also help you to keep your budget in line, while giving your baby’s bottom a healthier option than the disposables that can sometimes leave a baby prone to diaper rash.

BumGenius diapers have an almost identical shape and fit to disposable diapers, which makes putting them on your baby an absolute breeze. Simply fit them as you would disposable diapers, and baby is good to go. Using cloth diapers doesn’t mean that you are essentially tied to your home, as they can be put into a zippered bag when soiled and then easily washed when you get back home.

BumGenius and other cloth diaper solutions are the perfect cloth diapering solution for today’s busy parent.

Getting Ready to Buy

When you are shopping for your new cloth diapers, you should take a look at the BumGenius website, along with some of the other online boutiques that offer their products. An end of season BumGenius sale can allow you to save a good amount of money while you are building up your diaper stash. The upfront costs associated with cloth diapers can be overwhelming sometimes, even though you are well aware of just how much money you will ultimately save while your baby is in diapers. The more you are able to take advantage of BumGenius clearance sales, the better you will be able to afford your diapers and maybe even get a few more added to your stash. The more cloth diapers that you have on hand, the less frequently you will have to do laundry.

It can be difficult to find BumGenius coupons because these types of companies rarely offer coupons to their customers. However, if you sign up to receive their newsletter and important company announcements then you will be amongst the first to be notified when they are offering sales or actually will be offering you the coupons that can help you to save money on the diapers, extra inserts, extra elastics, or some of the other cloth diapering accessories that you may need.

Outlet stores are a good place to help build up your cloth diaper stash because they often offer BumGenius seconds that are in excellent condition and will function perfectly, but perhaps contain a few visual defects that make them undesirable for the average customer.

Another great option is to look for pre-owned BumGenius diapers that other parents are now selling, because their little one has been potty trained. Pre-owned cloth diapers can be purchased from the cloth diapering boutique stores, and can also be found via several online sources. When you get the diapers home be sure to run them through a sterilize cycle on your washing machine before using them on baby’s sensitive bottom.

With a wide range available in BumGenius colors, you’ll be able to have a great selection of adorable cloth diapers for your baby to wear. They’ll not only look perfectly sweet on baby’s bottom, but they will also help to avoid diaper rashes, and will help you to reduce the amount of trash that leaves your home each week.