Many firms failed in the last few years. This was mainly due to the credit crunch and conservative management of these companies. However, this is not a bad thing per se. There are many opportunities for smaller firms that are just established and use technological trends in their advantage. Nonetheless, many people seem clueless about which direction they should go. The purpose of this article therefore is to aid in the process of starting a successful business endeavor.

1. Online businesses/ Internet Marketing

This is my favorite business trend of the last years. It is also one of the easiest for beginning entrepreneurs. It works like this: First you find a profitable keyword that people often search in the search engines then you build a website with information and articles about the subject concerning the keywords. Finally, you monetize the traffic by offering affiliate deals, AdSense advertisements or selling your own product. You can also sell your website on sites like The beauty of online businesses is that you can fully automate them and make passive income.

2. Social Media Consultant/ Marketer

Helping small businesses to promote themselves on web 2.0 platforms like Twitter and Facebook could be a very lucrative endeavor. Many companies don’t know how to promote their products effectively on social media platforms and need help with this.

3. Green and organic businesses

People are becoming more and more aware of the impact of carbon and other non-degradable materials to the earth. Therefore, huge opportunities lie in ‘green’ industries like: Green energy, green construction and organic foods.

4. Senior care

In almost all developed countries over the world the process of aging of population occurs. The senior market is booming and one of the most important services they need is care. The senior industry is very attractive for these reasons.

5. Home Improvement Business

Home improvement is a really stable industry and will see growth in 2011. However, you have to specialize yourself in a niche in order to build a profitable business that distinguishes itself.

6. Energy consultant

With the increased focus on energy conservation, people have started thinking about how much energy they are using and how it can be used efficiently. Huge savings can be made by good energy conservation policies. Therefore, the industry is not only attractive for household but also for businesses that want energy conservation in their offices.

7. Pilates Studio

Pilates is gaining more and more popularity as form of exercise. Pilates studios are making huge profits by selling Pilates lessons, DVDs and other products relating Pilates.

8. Web Video Production

Video promotions on web 2.0 platforms are very popular among companies. Businesses lack the skills and capabilities of producing quality videos.  If you are great at making videos, this can be a huge asset you can offer to companies.